Coeliac-Friendly Dark Chocolate Biscotti: A Delightful Italian Treat
Discover the joy of Italian baking with our latest gluten-free recipe – Dark Chocolate Biscotti! This coeliac-friendly twist on a classic treat is sure to delight with its rich flavors and crunchy texture. Made with our premium 80.3% dark chocolate, it's a delicious indulgence that's also mindful of your health. Visit our blog for the full recipe and helpful FAQs for a successful biscotti baking experience. Add a touch of Italian charm to your home baking today
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A Coeliac-Friendly Dessert - Churros with Dark Chocolate Dip -
Celebrate the joy of baking with our latest recipe blog – Gluten-Free Chocolate Churros with a Dark Chocolate Dip! This coeliac-friendly recipe brings a healthy twist to a classic dessert. Dive into the rich flavours of our 80.3% dark chocolate, packed with antioxidants and less sugar. Warm, crispy churros paired with a luscious chocolate dip – it's the perfect treat for the winter season. Read the full post to explore the recipe and discover the surprising health benefits of our premium dark chocolate. Get ready to transform your kitchen into a gourmet bakery!
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Coeliac Friendly - Dark Chocolate Mini Snickers
Savour the decadence of our coeliac-friendly Dark Chocolate Mini Snickers recipe, a delightful blend of our 80Noir Ultra dark chocolate, nutty peanut butter, roasted peanuts, and sweet Medjool dates. This vegan-friendly, easy-to-make treat doesn't just burst with flavour but also boasts mind-body benefits that contribute to your health. Dive into this deliciously simple recipe and explore the wholesome goodness of guilt-free indulgence.
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