Where does 80Noir fit with sustainability?

We all have responsibilities to the sustainability of our environment and planet and 80Noir wants to be a part of this. Not only to the environment but to our farmers at the cacao plantations, not to mention along the whole traceability train of cacao. Finding ways to make our chocolate as ethical, morally responsible and a friend to the planet and animals in it.

Something that changes your perception on chocolate being a guilty, indulgent treat and instead something that converts milk chocolate lovers over to the dark side!

I have had many “milk chocolate converters” who are now stuck as they can’t go back to milk chocolate as 80Noir Ultra has elevated their quality and taste buds!

It's safe to say I am winning everyday on the dark chocolate revolution. I may be small but I am dedicated, passionate and love 80Noir, and with that comes an accountability to do my best: 

  • I use premium dark chocolate which is part of the sustainable Cacao Horizon Foundation community which helps educate, protect and serve the local farmers, the system and the environment.  

  • I don't use palm oil in any of my products, I have visited Borneo Sepilok Orangutan Reserve and seen first hand the devastation deforestation is doing to our animals.  

  • I am working to make 80Noir cacao 100% traceable  

  • I am moving towards using environmentally friendly packaging across all product ranges. 50% of the range already is.  

  • I use organic natural toppings for all the hand made training bars
  • I have started a new #nowaste campaign for all our hand made training bars, any that don't meet the acceptable standard are now made into wonkies; the perfectly imperfect bar so that we use up all the chocolate. Not one drop is wasted.  

  • We have fabulous customer care and second-to-none interaction. I am proud to have a large Instagram following and growing Facebook/twitter accounts, along with a solid 5/5 on our google reviews from independent customers.
  • I am working on providing an educational platform to promote the positive balanced association of dark chocolate, mental health, wellbeing and fitness to everyone. Thereby changing the stigma attached. #chocolaterevolution