80Noir Ultra's commitment to Sustainability

80Noir Ultra: Pioneering a Sustainable Chocolate Revolution

In our continuous exploration of the world of chocolate, we cannot overlook a rising star committed to transforming our relationship with this beloved treat - 80Noir Ultra. This small but passionate venture is not just about creating premium dark chocolate; it's also dedicated to sustainability, ethical sourcing, and promoting a healthier perception of chocolate.


80Noir Ultra prides itself on making conscious choices to ensure sustainability. The company sources its premium dark chocolate from the Cacao Horizon Foundation community, which is dedicated to protecting the environment and supporting local cacao farmers through education and fair trade practices. This commitment extends to the traceability of its cacao, with efforts underway to ensure 100% traceability in the near future.

Taking its responsibility towards the environment even further, 80Noir Ultra has pledged not to use palm oil in any of its products, a decision rooted in the founder's personal experience witnessing the devastating impacts of deforestation in Borneo. The company is also transitioning towards using environmentally-friendly packaging across all its product ranges, with 50% already achieved.

At 80Noir Ultra, waste minimization is also a priority. The company has initiated a #nowaste campaign for its handmade training bars. Any bars that don't meet their aesthetic standards are transformed into 'wonkies' - the perfectly imperfect bars, ensuring that not a single drop of chocolate goes to waste.

But 80Noir Ultra's mission goes beyond just producing sustainable, high-quality dark chocolate. It's about changing perceptions and fostering a healthier relationship with chocolate. Through its products, 80Noir Ultra aims to convert milk chocolate lovers to the 'dark side', and according to the founder, many have made the switch and can't imagine going back.

The ultimate goal? To remove the stigma attached to chocolate as merely a guilty indulgence. 80Noir Ultra envisions a world where dark chocolate is recognized for its health benefits and its role in supporting mental wellbeing and fitness. The company is working on providing an educational platform to promote this positive, balanced association of dark chocolate.

80Noir Ultra is not just a chocolate company; it's a movement. It's about creating a #chocolaterevolution, where dark chocolate is celebrated for its taste, health benefits, and its role in promoting sustainability. With its commitment to quality, sustainability, and education, 80Noir Ultra is indeed pioneering a sweet, sustainable revolution, one dark chocolate bar at a time.