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improve fitness & wellbeing

Reset your mind

with our award-winning dark chocolate

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Soothe Your Soul

dark chocolate for improved wellbeing

An award-winning premium dark hot chocolate, bars and training bars to reset the mind and soothe the soul.


Benefits of 80Noir Ultra

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The Key to Health & Happiness is Dark Chocolate!

In good taste

What people say

"Carole has worked magic. There is dark chocolate and there is 80Noir Ultra. The flavour is rich, intense but not bitter and deep lasting. It is a shot of joy, a "Stop what you are doing and reflect upon the party on your palate moment".

Jo Moseley

“Chocolate is gorgeous, I won't stop picking at it. I may need to request more...”

Christine Ohuruogo

June 2019 International Athlete, Olympic 400m Champion 2008, Silvermans 2012, World 400m Champion 2013 & 2017

“The strength and flavour of Carole's recipes are truly exquisite – if you haven't tried these chocolates yet, then you are missing out”​

Lauren Gregory

Award-winning Personal Trainer & Founder of Run Like a Girl Leamington Spa

“I thought the bars looked beautiful and provided the chocolate hit I was after at the time. Ace for training!”​

Alyssa Clarke

Ultra Runner & Ambassador of 80Noir Ultra

“I always find hot chocolate and chocolate in general very comforting. This is the amazing hot chocolate I have been talking about. You NEED to try it!”

Aly Dixon

Olympian, World Champion 50k 2019