Dark chocolate with no bitterness.

Perfect daily doses of greatness.

The answer to our Mental Health and Wellbeing

Tastes great, works wonders. Our bespoke dark chocolate range is revolutionising the way people look after their mental and physical wellbeing & fitness

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Dark Chocolate

Drinking Beads (300g)


If you are one of the 71% that prefer milk or dark chocolate, then now is the time to upgrade to 80Noir Ultra. Our dark chocolate doesn't have the same bitterness as with a "normal" dark chocolate. It's smooth rich consistency is perfect to reduce stresses, ease anxiety and boost mood. Made with water, its a great energy booster and brings a sense of clarity and focus - a great espresso replacement. Made with milk of choice, it balances, restores and soothes from the inside out.  whilst maintaining all the flavour. 

When using it for fitness, it allows you to work harder for longer and gives you the perfect carb/protein ratio in a simple and easy way. Be it more energy, better concentration, improving mood, culling cravings or calming your nerves — It’s time to invest in yourself.

    Vegan Friendly                                 Gluten Free

    High Source of Fibre                       Palm Oil Free          

    Vegan Friendly                                 Gluten Free

    High Source of Fibre                       Palm Oil Free          

Monthly (31)

Mini Bars (13.5g) Box


Changing perception on dark chocolate. These are presented in perfect daily doses, each bar is 13.5g which is 38% of our daily allowance, so there is no excess. You just receive a hit of pure dark chocolate to lift your mood, boost your energy and bring clarity to your mind. 

These can also be made into a chocolate shot, just break and add hot water, and you have an instant liquid chocolate shot. The perfect boost to anytime of day. 

Set up for a monthly dose so you are never without. 

Looking after you from the inside out. 

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All Hands In

Wellness Training Box


Had enough of cardboard snacks and over sugared liquid shots which only lift your energy only to take it away again.. then now its time to switch up to our Wellness bars, 3 incredible flavours to lift your mood, boost your energy and bring clarity to your mind. The wellness bars has all the bars you need to calm, boost and recover from. when you cant decide which to get, just get all 3 and you have every occasion ticked off. 

Apple Pie: Apples, Pecans, Hazelnuts, Star Anise, Cinnamon & Ginger

Booster: Raw Cacao Nibs, Smoked Sea Salt & Blue Cornflower

Funky Monkey: Banana, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts & Flaxseed.

    Vegan Friendly                                 Gluten Free

    High Source of Fibre                       Palm Oil Free          


“80Noir Ultra is the boost I go to physically and mentally to help me through long workouts and recovery. At the end of tough intervals and five to six mile runs, I think about the delicious Funky Monkey bar and Hot Chocolate recovery drink that will kick start my recovery for the next days training.”


Ultra Runner & Ambassador of 80Noir Ultra





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