FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions

Is 80Noir Ultra gluten free?
Yes, all 80Noir Ultra products are gluten free.

Is 80Noir Ultra vegan friendly?
Yes, 80Noir Ultra is made from cacao mass, and cacao butter no dairy and therefore vegan friendly.

Does 80Noir Ultra contain any vegetable fat?
No, 80Noir Ultra is made from cocoa butter only, there is no vegetable fat

Does 80Noir Ultra contain any palm oil?
No, 80Noir Ultra is made from cocoa butter only, it does not contain any additional fats. Please read this link for more information: Palm Oil Freedom.

Is your chocolate sustainable?
80Noir Ultra is part of the Cocoa Horizon Foundation, please see this link for more information: Chocolate Origins.

Why should I choose 80Noir Ultra? 
Our recipe is a bespoke recipe which is 80% dark chocolate however it does not have the same bitterness associated with dark chocolate. It is a smooth, rich, creamy chocolate and has converted many milk chocolate lovers. It is a premium chocolate with very little sugar and pre-packaged to be 30% of your daily recommended allowance so you can eat/drink every day and absorb all the great mental and physical benefi ts without the guilt.

How many calories are in a 80Noir Ultra mini bar?
There are 70 calories in a mini bar which will keep you satiated for hours and curb your sugar levels so you do not crave any more.

What is the difference between a *well known chocolate bar* and 80Noir Ultra?
Gram for gram, 80Noir Ultra has a significantly less amount of sugar (90% less sugar than any hot chocolate on the market). In a "off the shelf" 25g bar of chocolate, it contains 8g of sugar compared to 2g with 80Noir Ultra. That bar also contains vegetable fat, palm oil, flavourings milk E442, and E476 which 80Noir contains zero.

Can diabetics eat or drink this chocolate?
Yes, providing they stick to their recommended allowance prescribed by their doctor, this chocolate has a low sugar content and therefore can be consumed with no spike.

Please note: We have tested this on several people to ensure there is no spike, however we are not responsible for each persons consumption or sugar levels intake.

I don’t like dark chocolate, why should I try it?
Due to the bespoke recipe, this dark chocolate does not contain the same level of bitterness you would find with a dark chocolate. After several taste tests, we have found that more people (Men & Women found 70% Lindt, and 70% Green & Blacks to taste more bitter than our 80Noir Ultra which is 10% higher in cacao. We have converted many milk chocolate lovers as our chocolate is smooth, creamy with a sweet aroma to it. Try it to find out and be pleasantly surprised.

No thanks, chocolate is bad for me!
Chocolate has a sliding scale of benefits, ranging from white, ruby, milk and then dark chocolate. If you start at the beginning then yes there are very little health benefits with white, ruby or milk chocolate however as we have done more and more research, we can identify that dark chocolate has significantly more mental and physical health benefits and eaten in the right quantities can contribute to weight loss, better cognition, improved fitness, cardiovascular health, improvement in mental health, depression and many other essential key benefits.

For more information please go to: Check out our benefits page. 

What is the daily recommended allowance?
The average adults daily allowance is between 30g-50g, however all recommendations and packaging of 80Noir Ultra falls under the 30g allowance, excluding the training bars which are 40g and still in the daily allowance.

Do you have any nuts in your products?
Yes, we hand craft training bars which are to help soothe, restore and boost our mental and physical wellbeing, we have 2 of those bars which contain nuts:

Funky Monkey: Dried banana, Brazil Nuts, Hazelnuts, Flaxseed

Apple Pie: Dried Apple, Pecans, Hazelnuts, Star Anise, Cinnamon and Ginger

What is Blue cornflower in the Booster bar?
Blue cornflower is dried flowers which are used to make medicine. People take cornflower tea to treat fever, constipation, water retention, and chest congestion. They also take it as a tonic, bitter, and liver and gallbladder stimulant. Women take it for menstrual disorders and vaginal yeast infections. Here we add it on top of the bar to assist with fighting infections as when you train your immunity dips and we are working to protect it as best we can.

I want to try it, can you send me a sample?
As we are a small business we cannot send out free samples, however we have put together a Starter Kit, which allows you a sneak peak of the products.

Can you make hot chocolate from the mini bars?
Yes absolutely, they are designed to be eaten or drunk, if you want to make a drink, you need to snap them into a mug, add hot water and whisk till a smooth emulsion. It will then be a liquid shot of chocolate, pure rich and delicious, it is a great replacement for an espresso in the morning. Add 80ml of hot water only.

How much milk or hot water do I need to make a hot chocolate?
If you want a shot of liquid chocolate, only pour 60-80ml of hot milk or hot water onto your chocolate and whisk, if you want a longer drink use up to 180 - 200ml of hot milk or water.

There is no need to make a very long drink as the chocolate is rich and dark and will fill you up with less and therefore stay light on your stomach so you can go about your day with only the best qualities of the dark chocolate in your body.

What is the best way to make hot chocolate?
Each person is different and have their own set of recipes, however 80Noir Ultra's favourite way is to use 13.5g of dark chocolate, and 100ml of hot water and 100ml of hot oat milk whisked together.

What is your address?

80Noir Ultra Limited - Stokesley Road Northallerton DL6 2TS