Recipe of Love

Recipe of Love

Love is in the air, whether its yourself, your partner, husband, wife, family, friends and everyone else. It is the time to share your happiness and this is a beautiful way to do so, with a new recipe of love, especially for Valentines.

Serves 2 people


120ml of hot water 
160ml of oat milk
40g 80Noir Ultra chocolate beads
2 x fresh vanilla sticks 
1” inch of grated ginger
a lick of honey
Half a teaspoon of strawberry powder


1. Find the perfect cup for you and your special one.

2. Steep - Gently place all the ingredients except 80Noir Ultra in a pan with the milk and water and gently heat up for 10 mins. 

3. Stirring gently with a wooden spoon. Make a wish from your love whilst mixing. As it will translate through the drink. 

4. Sieve - Sieve the spices out and then gently add the chocolate. 

5. Whisk - Whisk till its fully combined and rich and creamy in texture.

6. Share equally between the cups and with love, hand over your heart made hot chocolate to your special person

7. Bask - In a shared moment and enjoy.

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