Corporate Chocolate Gifts

Here at 80Noir Ultra, decadence meets sophistication in the world of corporate chocolate gifts. Our wide selection of chocolate business gifts is crafted with care and precision, ensuring each bite is a symphony of rich flavours that will leave a lasting impression.

We understand that corporate gifts reflect your brand and values, hence why it is important to ensure you're investing in indulgence. That's why our hot chocolate beads and bars are made from 80.3% cocoa, creating a rich, velvety texture when melted. These beads melt seamlessly, creating a beverage that epitomises comfort and elegance. Our chocolate bars are a testament to the art of chocolate-making, with bold and refined flavours that make the perfect addition to corporate gift boxes.

But that’s not all. Our Letterbox Collections and Bundles are thoughtfully curated to offer diverse chocolates, perfect for any occasion. Conveniently packaged to fit through the letterbox, these collections make hassle-free delivery and a delightful surprise for the recipient.

Whether you want to reward your employees, impress your clients, or celebrate a special milestone, 80Noir Ultra’s corporate chocolate gifts are the epitome of taste and class.

Browse our selection below and find the perfect corporate gifts today. Our contact us for further enquires.


Corporate Gifting With 80Noir Ultra

At 80Noir Ultra, we strive to make corporate gifting a seamless experience. Gone are the days of searching for the perfect gift, as we offer a unique and health-conscious option. Our dark chocolate beads and bars are specially crafted for decadent hot chocolate, boasting low sugar levels and high cocoa content.

They're a delight for the taste buds and cater to the needs of individuals in the fitness and wellness realms. Whether you're looking to impress clients or reward employees, our selection of dark chocolate products is the perfect choice for thoughtful and health-conscious corporate gifting.

Corporate Chocolate Gifts

Share The Love With Corporate Gifts

Show your appreciation and gratitude with our exquisite selection of chocolate gifts, perfect for delighting hardworking employees and dedicated employers.

Chocolate Gifts for Employees

Recognising the efforts and contributions of employees is essential for their motivation and job satisfaction. With our range of chocolate gifts, you can make them feel valued and cherished. At 80Noir Ultra, we offer an assortment of luxurious chocolate crafted with the finest ingredients. Why not add them to the office? That way, your employees can treat themselves to a hot chocolate without having a negative caffeine buzz! You'll not only reward their hard work but create a positive and inclusive work environment.

Chocolate Gifts for Employers

Appreciating the dedication and leadership of your employers is equally important. Whether you're after corporate Christmas gifts, bulk easter chocolate, or bulk buy gift boxes, we can help. Treating your employers is an opportunity to acknowledge their tireless guidance and support, contributing to the organisation's overall success.

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Corporate Chocolate Gift FAQs:

We've answered some of the most frequently asked questions about corporate chocolate gifts below:

Do You Sell Personalised Corporate Christmas Gifts?

Whilst we don't sell personalised corporate gifts, we offer a wide range of premium and carefully curated corporate chocolate gifts to impress your employee or employer. From elegant gift boxes to exquisite chocolate beads, they'll make the perfect present for the chocolate lover in your life.

What Is An Acceptable Corporate Gift?

Ideally, acceptable company gifts should be professional, practical, and within an appropriate price range. In the context of corporate chocolate gifts, this could include premium chocolate gift boxes, a range of speciality chocolate bars or luxury wholesale chocolate boxes like ours.

What Does Giving Chocolate As A Gift Mean?

In many cultures, giving chocolates as a gift symbolises love, appreciation, and goodwill. In a corporate setting, it can serve as a token of gratitude or to celebrate a special occasion or milestone. Giving chocolate can help foster positive relationships and enhance connections between businesses, employees, and clients.

Can A Company Give A Gift To A Customer?

Yes, a company can give a gift to a customer as a gesture of appreciation for their business, to build a stronger relationship, or to thank them for their loyalty. Corporate gifts like chocolates can be an effective way to express gratitude and can help enhance the customer's perception of the company.