Martin Lopez

Helloooo, nice to  meet you! I started running in January 2021, and have accidentally become an Ultrarunner. What started off as a January challenge to run as much as possible has got a little out of hand. I now run around 100KM per week, have completed a number of ultra-distance races and will be hoping to complete my first 100 mile race in July 2022.

I was lucky enough to stumble across 80Noir Ultra’s chocolate nutrition during the “Teacher’s Run Club” Run to Work Week where I completed the equivalent of over 4 marathons during the working week (Mon-Fri). Carole and the team sent across enough nutrition to fuel my week and I found it to be a game changer!

Normally after a run commute (22KM each way) I find myself getting tired throughout the day, but thanks to a combination of the Booster, Revitalise and Balance bars, as well as daily hot chocolates I was able to cover lots of miles whilst remaining productive and alert at work which is why I am honoured to be an ambassador!

What/who inspires you? 

Curiosity inspires me, it is what has got me to the point I am currently at, exploring how far I can push myself which has turned into exploring how much of the world I can see, everything is an adventure!

What got you into ultra running?

The catalyst was being in intensive care with COVID-19, when I was discharged I had honestly never, ever felt so vulnerable in terms of health, but seeing the improvement that daily walks, then runs made over just a 2 week period made me keep pushing the boundaries, and now, 18 months later, I still am not sure I am anywhere near them!

Why do you drink hot chocolate? 

It is a great alternative to coffee, tastes phenomenal and supports my activity levels. I add the Aztec spice in the morning for a boost before my run, and a chai spice in the evening to slow things down before bed

What is your favourite product? 

Tough one, but I would say the funky monkey bar, after a run is the winner. It aids recovery and tastes outrageously good! 😊

What's your motto? 

If another human can do it, so can I

Check out the youtube podcast in which we talk about the effects fo fuelling on 80Noir Ultra