changing perceptions on chocolate

What do we mean?

Since 1847 when Andrew Fry founded the first chocolate bar with sugar. The idea that chocolate is a guilty treat, indulgence and something to have rarely has grown exponentially as with the growth of consumerism.

That said, the true history of cacao is simple, wholesome, as well as holistically nutritious to our mind body and soul and the opposite of what is has become today.

Let us show you how 80Noir Ultra differs from all the other brands out there and is going back to the roots of what cacao is.

Why we are different...


80Noir Ultra is 92% LESS sugar than any leading hot chocolate brand on the market.

For every drink you get 2-4g of sugar per serving, in comparison to 22 - 56g per serving on the high street.

Making 80NU Keto friendly.

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Many people don't like dark chocolate, despite knowing the benefits because its too bitter and dry in the mouth.

We have created a bespoke non bitter 80.3% dark chocolate that bridges the gap for milk chocolate lovers to enjoy all the benefits of dark without sacrificing on flavour.

mental health

Today's mental health challenges are a combination of lifestyle and sugar intake.

We have reduced the sugar and increased the cacao which activates your serotonin (happiness) levels. Along with lowering stress and soothing your soul.


The damage it does

dark chocolate

The bitterness factor

Chocolate is a feel good food but it's also much more than that and can help you from mental clarity, anxiety and improving your day to day in a positive and balanced way.

How is dark chocolate good for our wellbeing?

Cacao found in our dark chocolate and the phenolic compounds inside the cocoa can strengthen the defences of our immune system and up our body's resistance.


How is dark chocolate able to improve our fitness?

80Noir Ultra is packed with magnesium to aid muscle and nerve health, along with 98% of your potassium requirement, so it helps replenish lost electrolytes.


How can dark chocolate help mental health awareness?

Naturally occurring antioxidants in our chocolate trigger chemicals in our bodies to increase our serotonin, dopamine levels and our “bliss hormone”