Research, Chocolate & Wellness in the Banking World

At 80Noir Ultra, we're helping organisations in the financial district reap the benefits of a healthier, happier workforce because we know Investing in employee well-being is one of the smartest moves a finance company can make. Our research-proven chocolate, and with the help of top researchers with top universities Brunel London University and Roehampton London University, we provide a delicious way to boost energy, enhance focus, and support mental health.

By reducing absenteeism, improving productivity, and contributing to a positive work culture, our chocolates can deliver a strong ROI for finance companies.

Highlighting the Potential to Transform the Workday

Imagine a workday powered by sustained energy, laser-like focus, and peak productivity. That's the vision behind the research at 80Noir Ultra. Working with leading researchers at Roehampton and Brunel universities, we're exploring the potential of our specially formulated chocolates to transform the way finance professionals work. In our initial in-house trial, participants who replaced their morning coffee with our 80Noir Ultra chocolate shot for just 5 days reported remarkable improvements in energy, mental clarity, and performance. As we continue to advance our research, we're excited about the possibility of our chocolates becoming a game-changer for workplace well-being and productivity in the financial sector.

The Unaddressed Epidemic: Stress and Burnout in Banking

The banking industry is notorious for its high-pressure environment, demanding hours, and cutthroat competition. But beneath the surface of this lucrative sector, an unaddressed epidemic is taking a devastating toll on the well-being of employees. Chronic stress, burnout, and declining mental health are rampant, leading to increased absenteeism, turnover, and decreased productivity.

Despite the growing awareness of workplace well-being, many banks are failing to adequately address these issues. Wellness initiatives often amount to little more than token gestures, such as a foosball table in the break room or a once-a-year health fair. But these superficial efforts do little to mitigate the crushing workloads, long hours, and constant pressure to perform that characterize the banking industry.

The consequences are dire. According to a recent study, 74% of banking and financial services professionals feel that their employer should do more to support mental health (World Finance). Banks may struggle to find the time and resources to implement comprehensive wellness programs that address the unique challenges of the industry.

Despite 95% of financial firms recognizing mental health as a business concern, 84% have launched awareness programs but may not be providing sufficient support (FN London). Many banks may be hesitant to invest in wellness initiatives without clear data on the return on investment.

Financially stressed employees are 2 to 3 times more likely to suffer from decreased productivity (Sunny Day Fund). This not only harms the individuals involved, but also the bottom line of the banks themselves. Only 2% of employees believe they have a good work-life balance, and a whopping 74% say their high stress levels are caused by workload and lack of support. Stress and burnout are costing banks £3 million a year per bank in lost productivity and turnover.

At 80Noir Ultra, we believe it's time for a new approach. We're on a mission to transform workplace well-being in the banking sector, starting with the daily habits that fuel the workday. Our research-backed chocolate offers a healthier, more sustainable alternative to the coffee and energy drinks that often power bankers through long hours. By providing a sustained energy boost, enhancing focus and mental clarity, and supporting overall well-being, our chocolate can help banking professionals perform at their best.

But we're not stopping there. Through our partnership with top researchers at Roehampton and Brunel universities, we're committed to rigorously studying the impact of our chocolate on stress, productivity, and overall well-being in the banking industry. Our initial in-house trial saw remarkable improvements in energy, focus, and performance among participants who replaced their morning coffee with our 80Noir Ultra chocolate shot for just 5 days.

As we continue to build on these promising findings, we're excited to bring our unique blend of research, premium chocolate, and workplace wellness expertise to banks. By providing a comprehensive solution that addresses the root causes of stress and burnout, we aim to help banking organizations create a healthier, more resilient workforce. The benefits will be twofold - employees will thrive, and the bottom line will follow.

The banking industry has long been synonymous with stress and burnout. But with 80Noir Ultra, a new era of workplace well-being is on the horizon. It's time to redefine what it means to work in banking - and we're leading the charge.

Transforming Banking Well-being: FAQs About Our Innovative Solution

FAQ 1: What makes 80Noir Ultra chocolate different from other wellness solutions for the banking industry?

Our chocolate is not only delicious, but also backed by rigorous research with top universities. We're studying the specific impact of our chocolate on stress, productivity, and well-being in the high-pressure banking environment. Plus, we're developing a companion app that will provide banks with a customised, cutting-edge wellness tool they can offer their employees.

FAQ 2: How do I know if 80Noir Ultra is right for my bank?

We're seeking 10 trend-setting banks to partner with us in an initial trial of our chocolates and app. If your bank is committed to being at the forefront of workplace well-being and wants to provide your employees with a proven, innovative solution to support their energy, focus, and overall well-being, we'd love to discuss a potential partnership.

FAQ 3: What kind of support and insights will the companion app provide?

The app will take all the insights and research we're generating and provide banks with a bespoke wellness tool they can customise and offer as part of their benefits package. It will include features like personalized recommendations, tracking and analytics, and access to a community of like-minded professionals. Our goal is to help banks future-proof their wellness initiatives and stay ahead of the curve.

FAQ 4: How does 80Noir Ultra address the unique challenges of the banking industry?

We recognize that the banking industry presents unique stressors and demands. That's why we're conducting research specifically within this industry and developing a solution that addresses the need for sustained energy, enhanced focus, and support for mental well-being. Our chocolate, research and app are designed to be a daily ally for banking professionals, helping them power through long hours and high-pressure situations.

FAQ 5: What kind of ROI can banks expect from investing in 80Noir Ultra?

By supporting the well-being of their employees, banks can expect to see a range of benefits, from increased productivity and retention, to reduced absenteeism and turnover. Our research is aimed at quantifying the specific ROI that banks can expect from investing in our solution. Plus, by offering a cutting-edge wellness benefit, banks can differentiate themselves in the war for talent and bolster their reputation as a caring, forward-thinking employer.