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We're committed to unlocking the full potential of cacao for wellbeing. Our research focuses on understanding the specific compounds within our 80.3% dark chocolate that can enhance mental and physical health. By studying the effects of these compounds, we aim to optimize our formulations for maximum wellbeing benefits.

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Imagine a world where chocolate is no longer a guilty pleasure, but a powerful tool for enhancing your mind and body. We're making this vision a reality. Our 80.3% dark chocolate is packed with nutrients like magnesium to support muscle and nerve health, along with 98% of your daily potassium needs to replenish lost electrolytes. By working with this innovative superfood, we're redefining what it means to indulge in chocolate.


At 80Noir Ultra, we're dedicated to understanding the science behind how chocolate can improve your wellbeing. Our expert research focuses on how the antioxidants in our 80.3% dark chocolate trigger the release of essential mood-boosting chemicals in the body. By studying these effects, we aim to optimize our chocolate to help reduce stress and anxiety, increase positivity, and support overall mental health.


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Aztec, Mayan, Olmec's

Chocolate's 4,000-year history began with the Olmacs, they found it was used for heart healing and ceremonies. Making hot chocolate to delve into aΒ deeper meditative state to awaken your inner truth and find peace and balance.