Claire Maxted

Claire Maxted, Journalist, Wild Ginger Running Ultra Runner and blogger 


Claire Maxted is the co-founder and former editor of Trail Running magazine. Claire now runs the YouTube channel Wild Ginger Running, creating films about trail and ultra running advice, athlete interviews, gear tests and race recces. She also hosts talks, speaks and presents at book launches, awards, events and races. Her first book The Ultimate Trail Running Handbook is available now here Please do encourage any of your running friends to subscribe to her YouTube channel Wild Ginger Running, the advice and inspiration videos are all completely free.
What/who inspires you?
People who give up their time for free to help others, like marshals and people who support top athletes making records in the mountain
What got you into running?
Feeling overweight at university after drinking too much beer
Why do you drink hot chocolate or eat dark chocolate?
I love the taste of dark chocolate and it gives me a real zing! It makes me feel great and energised for working and running
What is your favourite product?
I am particularly fond of the 80Noir Ultra drinking chocolate beads, I take a handful and munch on the tiny blobs of chocolaty delight. Sometimes I even get as far as making them into a hot chocolate
What's your motto?
Do what the most confident, nicest version of yourself would do
How did you find out about 80Noir Ultra?
At the National Running Show 2019. I met Carole on her stand, tasted her delicious chocolate and got hooked!