Quick "n" Easy Hot Chocolate Drink


Step 1: Make this your AM ritual to boost your mood, bring clarity to mind and focus on your having your best day ahead of you.

Step 2: Get a colour full mug, studies show that the brighter the mug, the better the flavour and why not start your morning in the best possible way.

Step 3: Break the bar into the mug and top up with 60-120ml of hot water, not boiling water (this isn't tea, it needs to be around 80 degrees. Icon-Whisk.png

Step 4: Whisk so it's a rich smooth emulsion. 70 Calories and only 22% RDA of your chocolate amount. Takes less than 30 seconds to make and is the perfect pick me up without the jitters in the morning. Make this your ritual to start the day great.

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