Selfcare Sunday Series: 8 Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Chocolate always has such a bad wrap and recently with world chocolate day, there has been talk about chocolate, so we wanted to share our thoughts and give you the positive side to dark chocolate and what is can and does do for our mind and body wellness.

Check out our 8 Benefits to Dark Chocolate and how to choose the right chocolate.

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The Ultimate FREE GUIDE to creating your best hot chocolate
Your personal go to guide to make your very best hot chocolate any time of the day, from first thing in the morning to a slow and soulful sleep easing hot chocolate. We have brought all the best ideas and sharing them with you.
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Powerful Conversations with Powerful Women

What do you get if you mix hot chocolate with determination, a passion for quality and a flair for business? A powerful conversation with the truly talented Carole Armitage, that's what! 

Heaven in a cup. Beyond anything you have ever experienced from hot chocolate. Best of all, you can also just eat the bars!

#PowerfulConversations #80NoirUltra #ChocolateForWellbeing

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