Working from Home & Thriving!

Working from Home & Thriving!

Have you been forced to work from home? Or are you self-employed and don’t have an office; either way, working from home can be tough! Sure, it sounds like a great idea, no boss, no commute, and you can wear whatever you want, including slippers all day if you like...

Then reality sinks in, you end up spending more time on non work related activities than you’d like to admit, your productivity levels plummet from getting distracted, and you realise the daily face to face interaction with your colleagues is not only more efficient, but a way to stay connected with others.

Here is a snippet into the "This Don’t Survive - Thrive Guide" is a simple resource to help you stay on track while working from home, and even facilitate some fun in your new found workspace. Broken down into bit size pieces so its easier to digest...

Identifying Distractions

Spending the time to identify the obvious, and not so obvious distractions, can help you to understand what you may get in your way when looking to thrive whilst working from home.

1. Sit down and ask yourself - What are my distractions?

Example: TV, eating, social media

2. Identify each distraction, create a solution to make sure these unwanted diversions don’t lead you down a path of temptation?

Example: TV - set a rule to only turn on TV after 6pm, Eating - set the times for when you will eat. Breakfast - 7-8am, lunch 12-1pm etc, Social Media - allow a 15 min break at 10.30 (if possible) and have a social media break.

Don’t overthink this exercise, just write, and create solutions!

Write a to Do List
This is a great way to set out your priorities and really get done, the things that have been dragging you down. Don't over burden yourself and write everything out, otherwise you will never start but here are a few guidelines to work with

1. Write it out the Night Before for the next day only
2. Prioritise Tasks
4. Create Timeframes
4. Read & Visualise

Create a Workspace
When you walk into your office, immediately your brain says “I’m here to work!” It knows this location is where you conduct business, and will do what it can to switch your focus to all work related activities while you’re in this environment.

Finding this same focus in your home environment can be extremely difficult. Creating a workspace that you consistently use throughout your working day can increase your chances of keeping your mind focussed on work, instead of home life. So to help, here are a few tips:

1. Dedicate a space
2. Remove Distractions
3. Create Boundaries
4. Change your inside - workspace (variety is the spice of life)

Just be consistent each day with where you work from during the morning and afternoon, wherever that may be.

Rewards - Go on Treat yourself

Most humans are extrinsically motivated, some more than others. Creating a reward system for your consistent hard work and completed daily tasks should provide you with enhanced motivation to continually stay focussed throughout each day. So to help, here are a few guideline to work by:

1. Take regular Breaks
2. Enjoy your Day
3. Start something new, or continue to work on a project that you enjoy doing, for you.

4. Social Events - Stay connected (Virtually)


Have Fun
When working from home, you are now the office boss! So, it’s time you make the rules that you’ve always wanted to follow while working in an office.

Time flies when you’re having fun, productivity soars when you don’t feel like you’re constantly being watched, so create some guidelines that will put a smile on your face while staying focussed on your days To Do list.

1. Express Yourself - Remove *normal office constraints*
2. Be your own DJ - choose music that works for you
3. Break the Rules -Walk & Talk for a meeting!

Understanding what works for you, but also what doesn’t, should be the primary objective when it comesto working from home. Use this guide to help structure and plan your day, while confidently navigating past the many mistakes I (and many others who work home) have made.

Following this Don’t Survive - Thrive Guide when working from home will no doubt increase your chancesof optimising your focus, improve productivity, and maintain motivation to allow yourself to enjoy each day you work from home!

Luke is an amazing adventurer, speaker, health and mindset guru - He has a wealth of experience to share and really give you life long tips to get up, get out and get it done - So sign up for his courses here and let his words broaden your horizon



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