Powerful Conversations with Powerful Women

Powerful Conversations with Powerful Women

Listen in to our fabulous conversation with the fabulous Claire Thomas talking all things chocolate and business. See what she has to say! 

What do you get if you mix hot chocolate with determination, a passion for quality and a flair for business?

A powerful conversation with the truly talented Carole Armitage, that's what!

This amazing woman has been on a mission since the age of 8, to bring the very best hot chocolate to the world, without the sugar overload or grittiness of powder.

I've tasted 80Noir Ultra and can vouch it is Heaven in a cup. Beyond anything you have ever experienced from hot chocolate. Best of all, you can also just eat the bars!

So the chance to sit down and sip with Carole was one I jumped at! Selfcare, health, and well-being, all wrapped in the most delicious chocolate is a dream come true.

Join me on Wednesday, 26th April at 12.30, here on my profile to learn how Carole is taking the chocolate and wellbeing industries by the horns and shaking things up!

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