Add Dark Chocolate to your Self Care Routine!

Add Dark Chocolate to your Self Care Routine!

Self-care is an essential practice to maintain energy, well-being, and mental balance. It’s taking time to look after yourself, whether that’s exercising, eating healthy, getting a massage, or chilling with a movie and your favourite snacks. There are many ways to bring self-care into your life, but today, I’m focusing on just the one, chocolate! Chocolate has so many mental and physical benefits that can make it a great and enjoyable self-care tool, what’s better is it’s accessible. There’s nothing wrong with jade rollers and spa weekends, but there’s a lot of joy to be found in the simpler things, and for many, we just don’t have the time… So, PJ’s and a hot chocolate it is.  


Why is Dark Chocolate a self-care must have? 


 1. It helps you relax 


There’s a whole host of reasons why dark chocolate helps you relax. Dark chocolate aids your body in releasing feels good neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin and is shown to lower blood pressure and cortisol levels to name a few. It also contains plenty of magnesium, which whilst being a valuable nutrient for your body, helps relax your muscles, meaning you can loosen up that little bit more. 

 2.  It’s packed full of nutrients 


The darker the chocolate, the better it is for you! Chocolate over 75% is full of body boosting benefits, like cancer-fighting antioxidants, healthy fats and vitamins and minerals. No self-care routine is complete without nourishing your body as well as your mind, and for the people who like to keep it simple, dark chocolate is a 2-in-1! 

3. Easy and enjoyable to prepare 


Making one of our delicious hot chocolate’s only takes a few minutes but taking time to enjoy the routine is part of the process! Even if you’ve only got 20 minutes to spare for yourself, your time out can start from the moment you turn on the kettle, and you’ll still have plenty of time left to unwind. Go for a walk, do a facemask, or simply sit and enjoy the aromas. Take it easy! 

If you want to get started, our PM Kit is the perfect place to start. It comes with everything you need to have some night-time relaxation. More of a morning person? Our AM kit might be more your style. 


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