3 Easy Trekking Snacks – With Dark Chocolate!

3 Easy Trekking Snacks – With Dark Chocolate!

Yorkshire, the home of 80NoirUltra, is host to some of the most breath-taking hikes in the world… both literally and metaphorically, I’ve given myself a bad stitch on a trail or two, ouch! On all trails, it’s important to always pack the essentials, water, safety gear (just in case) and of course, snacks! Hiking exerts a lot of energy, so it’s crucial to pack some snacks with a good punch of nutrition to keep your body moving and make it that extra mile.

Of course, at 80NU, our favourite exercise fuel is dark chocolate, for a multitude of reasons. It’s great for exercise and recovery! If you want to learn more, you can read our blog, for 8 reasons why it’s such a super food. (Read time: 3 MINS)

That said, here are 3 super easy, minimal effort snacks, that taste great and are packed full of fuel!

  1. Trail Mix


An oldie but a goodie, trusty trail mix has got it all. Healthy fats, salt, sugar, carbs and a dose of vitamins and minerals. This simple recipe can be thrown together in a matter of minutes and keeps well in a backpack.


Dark Chocolate Cherry Trail Mix:


Simply throw these ingredients together in a medium mixing bowl, store in an airtight mason jar or pack up a zip-lock bag ready to go. (10 servings)


  1. ¾ cups of 80NU chocolate beads
  2. 1 cup of dried cherries
  3. 1 cup of salted almonds
  4. 1 cup of cashews
  5. ½ cups of mixed seeds (Optional)


  1. Hot chocolate


Super easy to throw together, and great for on the go fuelling, or those colder hikes. Hot chocolate provides a boost of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron and potassium which are all amazing for exercise, as well as being a great source for healthy fats to keep your body energised!


All you need for a hot chocolate pit stop is:


  1. 5 grams of our chocolate beads, or one of our single serve bars


  1. 60mls of hot water, or for a higher calorie version, try hot milk.


  1. A thermos, and a mug if you would prefer


  1. A spoon or a whisk, that’s it!




  1. Simply boil some water or heat up some milk in a pan.


  1. In a mug or thermos, pop in your single serve bar, or 13.5g of beads.


  1. Pour in the hot water/milk.


  1. Whisk or stir for 30 seconds, voila! Warming, fuelling hot chocolate.


You can easily prep this before your hike and keep it in a thermos. But what I like to do, is bring a thermos of boiled water and a lightweight mug, then make the hot chocolate on the trail while enjoying a great view. The making is part of the fun!



  1. Stuffed Medjool Dates


One of my all-time favourite post workout snacks is Medjool dates, but they are particularly great for hiking because of their high calorie and natural sugar content. This combo of dark chocolate, Medjool dates, and peanut butter, create a well-balanced body fuel, packed full of antioxidants, minerals, and calories to keep you going. I recommend prepping these before your hike, then they can be packed snuggly into a Tupperware in your bag.


Stuffed ‘Snickers’ Dates (1-2 servings)


  1. 6 Medjool dates


  1. 2 heaped tablespoons of peanut butter (Can be replaced with nut or seed butter of choice)


  1. ¼ of a teaspoon of sea salt


  1. 25 grams of chocolate beads, or break up on 2 single serve bars





  1. Remove the pits of your dates, leaving a slice from end to end down the centre.


  1. Using a small spoon, fill each date with a healthy blob of peanut butter.


  1. Evenly distribute your 25gs of chocolate into the dates


  1. Sprinkle a little sea salt onto each date. Done!



There we are. 3 simple and super quick trekking snacks. Let us know which ones you try! You can send us a DM or a picture over at our Instagram, @80noir_ultra. Happy hiking!


Now if you don’t want to be making anything, you can always try our training bars, perfectly researched and hand made for your hiking experience… Whether it’s for getting up the hill, keeping you going or a post recovery snack, we have done the hard work for you… Grab these now.


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