Louise Humphrey

Louise Humphrey Canicross Runner

I am a qualified Canicross Instructor, Pilate’s teacher, PT and a runner. 

I started Canicross 2 years ago when it became obvious Pickle my black lab had a high prey drive couldn’t be let off the lead all the time and had failed gundog school!

Pickle took to canicrossing straight away, focusing and creating a great bond with Louise.  Two years ago, we started racing together Pickle being held back by me!

As someone who doesn’t drink tea or coffee, hot chocolate is the only hot drink I have.  Having learnt more about the health and wellbeing properties of hot chocolate, I don’t feel guilty about drinking it and absolute love 80Nior, nothing else matches it!



What/who inspires you? 

This is a really hard question, and I don’t think it’s one person or one thing.  I admire older female athletics, eg ( @marvellousmimi) Mimi Anderson.  As I’m in my 50’s I think it is so important that we keep moving, challenge are selves, and don’t think of ourselves as old.  We can keep doing the things we love but we just have to put a bit more work into it and change how we do things!

What got you into Canicross? 

Pickle is my 3rd Labrador and she is probably the most intelligent dog I have had, but she has such a high prey drive that all her sense goes out the window when we are out! I wanted to do something with her to keep her fit and give her the exercise she needed.  I found Canicross, did my first taster session, and was hooked. Then we found Canicross races and I found my competitive side again and we both love it.  The next natural step was to become a Canicross instructor with DogFit, so now Pickle and I show others how great it is.

Why do you drink hot chocolate? 

I love hot chocolate, it’s the only hot drink I drink.  Until I found 80nior I could take it or leave it, but I just love 80Noir Ultra.  It’s not too sweet but give me that chocolate hit I need.

What is your favourite product? 

I love the small bars.  Because I eat them!  I am a complete chocaholic, if I open a bar I have to eat it all!  These small bars are just the right size and I still feel as though I have eaten a whole bar of chocolate.  I use the beans for drinking.

What's your motto? 

To keep moving and stay injury-free.