Jamie Stephenson

I am a runner living in Cornwall. I am a strong advocate of the #anysurfaceanydistance movement and love to keep that variety in my training and racing. I also coach athletes at all levels to help them get the most out of their running, both in terms of performance and enjoyment.
I have a wife and two children who keep me pretty busy! As a general rule, if we’re outside, we’re happy and so adventures are our thing. We have some pretty big ones planned for the future.
When I’m not doing any of the above I can sometimes be found ‘doctoring’! I am currently in training to become a GP. I would love to be an expedition doctor in the future.
To find a little more about our Ambassadors we asked a series of questions - have a read to really get to know them: 
What inspires you?
My son inspires me with his strong sense of adventure and fearless nature. The way he sees the world as a playground rather than as a workplace. The way he knows what he wants and won’t take no for an answer! The way he can shake sadness in favour of happiness in an instant. The way he shows empathy without hesitation and compassion in abundance. We should all be 2yrs old all the time!

What got you into ultra running? 
Like so many, I started running as I saw myself on a downward spiral of health and happiness. Once I caught ‘the bug’, the distances and challenges gradually escalated until I found myself signing up to ultramarathons. 

Why do you drink hot chocolate? 
My wife and I get only a few rare moments to enjoy to ourselves and, when we do, there’s nothing better than sharing a hot chocolate (of course, we don’t actually share one, I’m far too greedy). 

What is your favourite product? 
THE HOT CHOCOLATE!! While your standard hot choc can be grainy and overly sweet, 80NU is smooth and indulgent. It’s a no brainer.

What's your motto? 
‘A day on the trails is always a good day’. I’ve been quoted as saying this at the end of countless ultramarathons without realising. Its definitely true only sometimes you don’t realise until you stop!