Yuletide Hot Chocolate

Yuletide Hot Chocolate

This yuletide hot chocolate is the perfect choice for a more mindful treat this Christmas. One cup will help reduce anxiety so you can rest easy ahead of family festivities.

Step 1

Put the kids to bed, get out your cosiest pyjamas and choose your favourite mug. If you have a cup that’s covered in Christmas trees, or shaped like Santa’s sleigh, now is the time to use it. The more festive, the better.

Step 2

Add 150ml of your milk of choice to your vintage pan and gently heat it through. Once it’s starting to bubble, take the pan off the heat, pour in 20g of your 80Noir Ultra chocolate beads and watch them begin to melt. Use a wooden spoon to stir slowly until the two have mixed.

Step 3

Add ¼ teaspoon of our Chai spice mix and remove the pan from the heat. Finish with a whisk to bring the chocolatey goodness together and slowly pour into your chosen mug. For an extra special treat, grate a touch of ginger and some 80Noir Ultra chocolate bar and sprinkle them on top.

Step 4

Get into bed and take some deep breaths, using the time between sips to reflect on the positives of this year. During times of stress, such as the festive period or the start of a New Year, it’s important to consider all the good things we’ve encountered.

During these times of reflection, ask yourself this:

What do I enjoy?
What matters most in my life?
What exciting thing am I looking forward to?

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