Whats the Right Size drink 80NU?

Whats the Right Size drink 80NU?

Excellent question, its such a confusing world out there, when you see on TV shows you see people go into the coffee shop and order tall, regular half cap, decaf, and all the trimmings. Its a mind-field of sizes and varieties and so many options, its all too stressful and all you want is a drink. In this modern era of technology and being able to get anything we want, we have been given so much choice and because of that, we take it. Saying that it doesnt mean we should and we should start pushing back and actually standing up for our mental health, our wellbeing. Looking after our bodies and changing our perception. Just because we can, doesn't mean we should.

With that, when you look at the typical coffee drinks, the average size is around 178 ml so why do all coffee shops feel the need to fill us to the brim with between 350-591ml each time.. Quality over quantity should be the focus..

Like many coffees, hot chocolate is also designed for specific cup sizes. Why? To add to your satisfaction and increase your enjoyment level when drinking hot chocolate (or coffee). The size of the drink allows you to really invest in the flavour, the fresh aroma and embrace life simples pleasures whenever and wherever you are, whether its in the kitchen, making it yourself, to ordering it at a shop etc These little details are already taken care of and chosen carefully so you can maximise the mental and physical wellbeing and positive lifestyle that 80Noir Ultra hot chocolate provides to your mind and body.

Hot Chocolate is not just a drink you slurp down, its a way of improving your mental health, reducing your stress levels, anxiety and providing you an elixir to your happiness and setting you up in a positive way for every day use.

Let's explore a few of them:

Hot Chocolate Cup Size Guide

Chocoletto & Chocolate Macchiato - approx 60ml
A chocoletto cup is one of the smallest of the cups. The cup, though small, tends to be a bit like a miniature vase. When you pop the chocolate in, and add hot water, the whisk swirls around the base and protects and mixes so that you create a beautiful froth.

This is important that its not too big, as you want to have a strong flavour that bursts in your mouth and sings through your soul, waking you up with a rich deep flavour and softly dancing on your palate to bring you freedom and clarity of mind so you can focus on your day ahead. Mental Health -

18c Hot Chocolate - approx 145ml
This is one of the original recipes made in the 18 century and is made cold. At that time it was ground cacao beans, however I like to make it by melting a 80Noir Ultra hot chocolate bar with a dash of hot water to melt, then whisk in chilli peppers and water that is then poured from one glass to another to create foam. It's a very fiery and exciting drink to have when you put in a small cortado cup, no handles so you can cup it with both hands.

Chocolatte approx 160ml
Lattes are popular for coffee and chocolate, can also be served in a bowl like mug, but one that is slightly smaller than a 'cappuccino' cup. This makes is easier to pour the steamed milk (plant based or dairy) over the chocolate, and soaks up the flavour in a slow, dreamy fusion of milk and chocolate. Lattes are typically serves in tall latte glass as its believed it shows off the layers of chocolate and milk. It also helps to be able to see the right amount of chocolate "milk" and foam.

Long & Slow Hot Chocolate - approx 220ml
This is one I have put together to incorporate the full mindful experience of taking a time out, slowing everything right down and embracing all the positive nutritional and spiritual benefits of the hot chocolate. Made with half hot water and half milk, this is a beautiful soothing drink to recharge, soothe the soul and bring you back to earth and balance your mind and body. Choose your favourite cosy cup and sip long and slow.

These are a few of the types of hot chocolate you can make and the best way to consume them to get the most out of flavour, style and nutrition. You wont find these in a coffee shop as they were originally run in chocolate houses in the 17 & 18c but these lost favour. However, 80Noir Ultra's intention is to bring the chocolate back so you too can experience the full amazing effect of hot chocolate in a safe and exciting place.

At the end of the day, the most important this about 80Noir Ultra is that it is designed to work FOR YOU, to provide you with essential minerals and vitamins and aiding in your mind and body wellness... This is a drink to enjoy, savour and feel restored, energised and replenished and have everyday to suit your positive lifestyle. To reduce depression, anxiety, stress levels and make you feel happier within. All the sizes etc have been worked out for you to optimise the benefits for YOU.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to comment or email info@80noirultra.com

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