Treadmill Tips

Treadmill Tips

Lockdown has brought so many different events happening to get in everyones fitness but also to adapt to a new way of training. Thinking inside and outside the box. From running marathons in your back garden, in your flat, along your terrace, HIIT training via zoom, tabata classes and so many other things. As for Alyssa, it took another turn: To do a marathon a day till lockdown is over in Italy. Mainly on the treadmill, but every now and again around the base when its safe to do so. As an ambassador to 80Noir Ultra, we are proud to pick her brain and show off all her many achievements and with that, here are Alyssa's tips on how to maintain determination, mental strength doing long distances on a treadmill.

Running a marathon on a treadmill can be a daunting task. When Italy went into a full lockdown, we were forbidden from running outside. There were two options, stop running, or get on the treadmill. I chose the latter and began a challenge during this lockdown period. Since March 31st, I have been running a marathon everyday to keep inspiring others and keep a positive outlook during this time of uncertainty.

That means I have run many marathons on a treadmill. I will caveat this information with the fact, I used to despise running on treadmills. I am a trail runner who loves technical trail more than anything. The harder and more difficult the terrain, the more I excel and love it.

Treadmills were foreign to me and I would struggle through an hour of plodding along on the treadmill. However, through this lockdown. I have come to appreciate and be thankful for every step I take, whether on a treadmill or not. Right now, I am 40 marathons into an attempt on the World Record of consecutive days running a marathon. The women’s record is 60, and I hope toexceed 65. The journey has not been easy, but it has been worth it.

With the experiences, here are the tips that have helped me to persevere on the treadmill and the rough, through this challenging time:  

Break the run into parts. If you think about the whole it can and will be overwhelming. It is much easier to tackle the distance in chunks and celebrate each milestone when you achieve it.

Watch or listen to something enjoyable. Comedy, silly tv shows, dance music, books on tape, anything that gets you excited and looking forward to the run.

Keep your pace mangeable. Especially with long runs, keep it conversational and your breathing easy to maximize your aerobic capacity.

Make sure to hydrate during your run and have water/electrolytes easily available.

Have food with you that makes you happy!! I have snacks in my treadmill cupholders and especially love an 80noir ultra bar. Snacks are a great way to break the run up and give you something to look forward to and keep your energy levels up.

Post-run, make sure to refuel with a simple carbohydrate to replenish stores and begin the recovery process. 80Noir Ultra Chocolate drink is an excellent simple carb and protein fix to get your recovery underway as well as fruit, juice, pretzels, foods like that. Most importantly, Enjoy what you do! The most important part of running and exercise is to have fun and enjoy your training.

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