Supporting Indoor Relay

Supporting Indoor Relay

Want something to do whilst in Lock down? Then head support this amazing group in which are raising money for 5 amazing charities:

NHS Charities Together
Children with Cancer UK

The current Stats being

Let's try and get this over £35,000 by tomorrow - please give generously!!

With the cancellation of mass participation sporting events this summer, many charities will not be receiving the vital funds that they need in order to keep going. Coupled with this, we know that many runners have had their access to outside space reduced, or in some cases, completely taken away.

To help address this, we created the Indoor Relay as a way to bring people together to raise money for charity whilst running INSIDE their house boundary.

The relay will start on Saturday the 2nd May at midday and will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until 10pm on the 30th May!

Anyone can volunteer to run for an hour slot. You will need to be able to film yourself via a webcam or smartphone, but we will take care of the livestream bit.

All we ask is that you run for one hour, taking care to avoid injury, at a speed that feels comfortable and somewhere within the boundary of your house. This could be:
  • Around the sofa

  • Up and down the garden

  • On a treadmill

  • On the drive

Whatever works for you the more inventive the better! Here at 80Noir Ultra HQ we trampolined our way through the hour, chatting and bouncing all things running, chocolate, mental health and fitness. The holy grail of 80Noir Ultra.. Its not JUST a hot chocolate.

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