Sunshine and Vitamin D

Sunshine and Vitamin D

Vitamin D - Essence of Life

Wherever you are, try find that ray of sunlight that is glinting through the window or if you are outside, stand with your face to the sun (sunscreen on) and don't stare directly at the sun, don't you start to feel better? The warmth of the sun, the energy it gives, it's almost as though humans run on solar power and perhaps we do? I know i feel better when i have sun on my face. 

There are various benefits to Vitamin D, but one I find so fun is to do the superwoman or superman pose.. not only does it re-energise and boost energy it also is a great way to improve your confidence and assert your place on the world... If you are feeling nervous or have an important call or presentation to do, then stand outside, hands on your hips, feet hip width apart and direct your body where the sun is.. If Superman can be re-invigorated, then so my friends, can we!

Another great benefit is that our friend dark chocolate is packed with Vitamin D, another reason why you should incorporate this into our daily, it is an essential part of our lives, it helps with calcium absorption, immune function and protecting bone, muscle and heart health. Don't just take our word for it though, take a look at the Medical Dialogues who has done a study on Vitamin D and Dark Chocolate here

So whilst you are standing in your superman/woman pose and drinking your hot chocolate, you are getting all the vital Vitamin D from every angle and lets not forgot you don't have to drink it, you can eat the bars and they will do the job for you just as well. 

Have a fabulous day superheroes! x


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