Self Care Sunday - Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Men

Self Care Sunday - Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Men

I thought this was particularly apt, considering today we have just watched an epic battle or will, determination and passion for the Wimbledon Tennis Mens Final with Carlos Alcarez and Novak Djokovic and what a war it was!

I wanted to share with you the benefits of having dark chocolate in your diet can improve not just your physicality but your mental wellbeing. It really is a win win.

Did you know that dark chocolate has and can affect men and women differently, from the way it works through our body to improving our fitness etc. Its also important to note that whilst we at 80Noir Ultra advocate around 15-40g as an average per day, for men its actually between 40-60g based on size and weight and fitness. 

If you go back in history you will also see that all explorers had hot chocolate in their pack that they would have at night to give them a good nights sleep and help with they body recovery, along with using it as wages for soldiers in the war. 

Dark Chocolate really has been used to help serve, improve and boost energy and morale for all kinds of adventures.  

So let me show you what benefits men get receive when they eat or drink 

Anti Clotting

Dark chocolate thins the blood and performs the same anti clotting process as aspirin. 

Men experience a greater impact when eating or drinking dark chocolate with anti clotting effects being activated within 2 hours as well as help preventing blood clots. 

Mental Health

The basic mental health benefits of dark chocolate for men are to do with cognitive repair and performance, after todays epic tennis match, both Alcaraz and Djokovic, should be gussling the milk ad dark chocolate combination because it will not only help with muscle recovery but help restore, rejuvenate and keep a) help Alcaraz stay happier and b) help Djokovic give him a serotonin and dopamine hit so he can be soothed and hugged from within. 

Insulin Resistance

The major contributors to insulin resistance in men’s bodies are lack of physical exercises and secretion of excess and unhealthy fats around the tummy area.

Cacao contains compounds called flavanols which are called polyphenols. 

These are present in dark chocolate and as such acts against the effect of insulin in the body; 

This also helps maintain good cholesterol. It also reduces insulin resistance. 

Heart Disease

Epicatechin, a flavonol found in dark chocolateincludes nitric oxide, dilates blood vessels & reduces O2 consumption - so you can train harder for longer not only that

The Flavanols in cacao can reduce inflammation build up from the stresses of running or exercise. 

Another way it improves is by Inhibiting the actions of Myostatin in the body to 'remove the brakes' on muscle growth

So whether you have it before, during or after. It will help you in all ways. 

Inflammation Reduction

Dark chocolate increases you HDL cholesterol and decreases your LDL cholesterol. Dark chocolate compounds appear to be highly protective against the oxidation of LDL which cause much less cholesterol to stay in the arteries which results in lowering risk of heart disease.

Dark chocolate does contain saturated fat but it also contains a high amount of unsaturated fat found in olive oil, a staple of Mediterranean diet that is seen as one of the healthiest in the world. 



How much dark chocolate should a many eat or drink a day?

Roughly between 40-60g a day, This is a guide and advise to be a healthy amount for most people. 

Is Dark Chocolate an aphrodisiac?

They call chocolate the 'love drug' because it increases levels of serotonin and dopamine, as well as feelings of euphoria. There is a theory that it also acts as an aphrodisiac as it is physiologically arousing because it smells so good.  

As well as it containing L-arginine, an amino acid that can be an effective natural aphrodisiac for people. By increasing nitric oxide, which essentially dilates blood vessels promoting blood flow to your sexual organs enhancing sensation, satisfaction and desire

What time of day should I eat dark chocolate?

This is a little contentious but a recent study showed that eating or drinking it first thing in the morning or evening are the best times to help balance blood sugar levels and your circadian rhythm and thereby regulating our bodies internal system.

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