Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday

We live in such a busy, digital age that I'm sure as much as we would like to say we have it under control, I know I certainly don't and more and more do I find myself having to re-set, slow down and really change my thought process and get off the busy train, as I end up feeling very frazzled, very quickly if I don't. I decided a while back that in order to slow down I needed to do this at least once a week to really feel the benefit of it, so I dedicate a day - in this case Sunday to strip back to the basics and really enjoy the simple things in life. To begin with, it isn't as easy as just accomplishing or ticking everything off the list, its about really slowing down, not letting any obligation, expectation or guilt enter into your heart or day but most of all its about celebrating the small stuff, opening your eyes to everyday life, waking up to letting all the time lines, the best laid plans, the guilt, the rush of day to day and simply sitting back and relaxing so you are re-charged and ready to jump back on to the busy train. What you will find is, that taking just a day will increase your productivity, lower you stress levels and make you feel on top of the world you can re-join with a spring in your step going at your pace.

Slow & Mindful Morning

This is not a race out of bed, to get showered changed and out the door, the complete opposite - its about looking in on yourself and doing a few things to reinvigorate and make you feel awake, refreshed and calmer...

• Morning stretches / yoga

• Meditation
• Make your favourite breakfast
• Drink lots of water
• Journalling
• Prepare the weeks to do list
• Go for a walk


Home Reset

A few preparations go a long way to making your week so much easier, slowly and mindfully and do them at your own pace, no rush but nice and easy.

• Make the bed
• Unload and reload the dishwasher (clean your pots)
• Put in a load of washing
• Fold and hang up ALL clothes
• Water plants
• Change bedding
• Dust & clean surfaces

I am not always great at this one, but do try to accommodate this at least once a week and believe me, i feel a million pounds after, so i invite you to take a moment purely for yourself and enjoy the feeling.

• Bubble bath
• Wash & condition hair
• Use a hair mask / serum
• Wash & moisturise face
• Apply body lotion / oil
• File and paint nails

Wind Downs
The best way to end a heavenly day is the same way it started. Relaxed and happy, so enjoy, send love into your heart and out to everyone around you and settle in for a cosy hyggelig evening.

• Have a comforting dinner

• Get into comfy pyjamas
• Make a hot chocolate - helps send you to a world of happy slumber.. shop here
• Light a scented candle
• Read a book / watch favourite TV Show

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