Run To Work Week

Run To Work Week

Teachers Run Club - Run to Work Week 

During the last week of the school term, 2 guys Martin Lopez and Daniel Chaplen were invited by Teachers Run Club to complete as many active commutes as possible fuelled by 80Noir Ultra. 

Martin & Daniel 
Martin Lopez                            Daniel Chaplen
Martin started out running only a few years ago, after being in intensive care from Catching covid in 2019, fast forward a couple of years and he is now running ultra marathons and tackling huge achievements, this week alone he totalled a mileage of 255 miles
"The prospect of eating dark chocolate to fuel my runs was an exciting one, and it didn't disappoint! Firstly, the taste is amazing, especially in comparison to some of the gels or bars I've used in the past. Also, for such a high volume week (100 miles Monday to Friday) I never, ever lacked energy at work and completed each run relatively comfortably. I've learnt this only happens when your well fuelled" 
For Daniel, he has been working as a PE for over 12 years, and always promoting the positive association of exercise. Not to mention is  now working to inspire school staff to keep active & challenge themselves & motivation others through @teachersrunclub_uk
This is not his first time trying 80Noir Ultra however this was his first time being fuelled 80Noir Ultra, his week consisted over a cross training of cycling and running.
"80Noir Ultra has helped me to mix up what I am eating throughout my long runs and rides, the dark chocolate has enabled me to experiment with fuelling during my training, and having the ability to use chocolate to recover is a massive bonus!"

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