Riverside radio interview - all things chocolate

Riverside radio interview - all things chocolate

Its not often you get asked to speak on local radio and discuss your favourite topic, well i was asked just that. Highlighting the positive aspect of dark chocolate and sharing the benefits that great quality and in the right quantities. Your body and mind can reap amazing rewards with pure dark chocolate. 80Noir Ultra - 2 Star Great Taste Award winning chocolate is a dark chocolate, rich smooth and without the bitterness you find with a dark chocolate so perfect for milk and dark chocolate lovers..

Its the go to bar when you need a lift, boost, feel good factor, mood lifter, packed with nutrients and designed to improve fitness performance and personal wellbeing. Have a listen to my story, how I came to be a chocolatier and my journey so far. Let's all be part of making positive changes to embracing the notion that great quality chocolate can be eaten or drunk everyday to improve our lifestyle. Changing minds one bite at a time...


Don't forget the End of Season Sale currently on so you do not have to be without you secret bar of heaven... One of the oldest treasures of the world, lets lift the lid on its secrets and share its wealth and greatness.

Look out for the next one when we have a hot chocolate review. What better way to bring in Winter.

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