Monthly subscription box: Get ready for a daily dose of greatness in 2022

Monthly subscription box: Get ready for a daily dose of greatness in 2022

Christmas may be over for another year, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our gift that keeps on giving – the 80Noir Ultra monthly subscription box!

Mental health and self-care are extremely important to us, so we want to share the mind and body benefits of dark chocolate all year long.

Subscribe today, and you’ll receive 30 x 13.5g bars of our tasty, vegan-friendly dark chocolate through your letterbox for just £30 every month.

Reap the benefits of our dark chocolate every day

Our classic, smooth dark chocolate is perfect to enjoy every day. Whether it’s to eat or drink, each bar of 80Noir Ultra chocolate is packed with greatness and will leave you feeling feel soothed, refreshed and energised.

Consuming dark chocolate can also increase the dopamine levels in our brain, affecting our reward and pleasure centre, and every bar is the perfect dose to leave you feeling satiated and happy.

But if the temptation is too much and you need an extra treat, don’t worry, we won’t judge. After all, our chocolate gives you long-term satisfaction without the extra sugar.

If you have the patience to savour the goodness, have a delicious chocolate booster shot that when whisked with water is the perfect elixir to focus and clarity, or a classic hot chocolate that’s soothing and tantalisingly smooth when mixed with milk. A great alternative to your morning coffee or daily espresso, there’s no jitters, only happiness in every sip.

Pre-order now

Whether you choose a rolling 30-day subscription or commit to a three or six month programme, you can skip, reschedule, edit or cancel deliveries at any time to suit your needs.

To celebrate the launch, we’re offering 5% off your first order of a rolling 30-day box of bars. You’ll get a new recipe each month, as well as online expert advice around the clock to ensure you’re reaping the maximum benefits.

If you opt for the six-month programme, as well as your chocolate you’ll receive an automatic whisk in your first month, new spice mixes every other month, a new recipe each month and free shipping and up to 20% off.

Use the New Year to make a fresh start and positive choices for your health and wellbeing, beginning with a tasty delivery to your door for as little as £24 a month.

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