It's not all about running

It's not all about running

I am guilty of this myself and often fall into the "running" trap but I would like to say straight off, there is so much more to do, to keep fit, than just running during lockdown. There are many magazine articles and many reports on what you "should" be doing to keep fit and how many steps to do everyday - In one article I read 7,000 is the minimum, and as much as I would love to agree, I also think there needs to be a sliding scale based on ones fitness level, your age, where you live and what you have around you. Personally, I don't use a garmin anymore, as I found it too restrictive, so for me its about feeling active, no matter how it's done. If my legs ache or my muscles ache from doing things, then i know i am keeping myself active. Sometimes I do feel lazy and have days of doing nothing but i do try each day to do something.

For me, during Lockdown, I have made a conscious decision to stop running, because it has become a source of stress when it never was before. I live along the river and it actually seems busier now that every man and their dog seem to have congregated there to walk, run, cycle, unicycle, do PT sessions, stretch, bask in the sunlight..

Thats not to say I don't do any exercise, but I am finding new ways to do it, whether its, doing strength work with the weights, I have. Pedaling on the floor bike, or jumping on my mini trampoline moving to an Abba tune or 4. Or going up and down the main stair well to get my stairs in and i tell you - going up 9 floors a couple of times is heart rate inducing! Then there is putting my favourite cheese tactic tunes and dancing my heart out or just simple stretching!

At the end of the day, we are all in this together and there is no requirement that says running is the only exercise to do. It is a great sport, and one I would like to pick up again when we can venture out, but whilst lock down, enjoy the freedom that doing other things gives us. As a qualified personal trainer - my advice is to do at least 30 mins of exercise a day to lift your heart rate from the norm, no matter how that is and try not to spend your day sitting down all day long, keep moving but make it fun. Forcing yourself to do something is never going to make you do anything, so embrace the strangeness, think outside the box and keep being active but let go of the idea that running is the bee all to end all, its just the beginning as there is so much more out there to help ease your stresses and boost your heart rate, just enjoy being active.

Stay safe xx 

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