Mastering the Art: How to Make Hot Chocolate That Will Delight Your Senses

Mastering the Art: How to Make Hot Chocolate That Will Delight Your Senses

There's nothing quite like wrapping your hands around a steaming cup of hot chocolate, relaxing and enjoying the delicious flavour. But, what if this relaxing moment could be a daily ritual rather than the occasional treat?

We're here to talk about the secrets behind making the perfect cup of homemade hot chocolate so you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. With every word, step, and sip, you'll be drawn deeper into the world of quality chocolate. And you’ll discover that making luxury hot chocolate isn't just about achieving an delicious taste—it's an immersive journey, a heartfelt ritual and a celebration of life's richest flavours.

So, wrap yourself in the warmth of this delicious beverage, and allow us to guide you on your voyage to becoming a chocolate connoisseur.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Premium chocolate beads, such as 80Noir Ultra, are recommended for homemade hot chocolate due to their ease of melting, rich flavour, and high cocoa content. Their delightful taste and velvety texture elevate the hot chocolate experience.

  2. The type of liquid used in hot chocolate preparation can vary based on preference. Using hot water can create an espresso-style hot chocolate, while milk (including non-dairy alternatives) results in a creamier drink. Each option contributes to unique flavour profiles and textures in your hot chocolate.

  3. The hot chocolate-making process can be personalised to fit individual tastes and dietary requirements. We provide recipes for different hot chocolate variations, emphasising that every step—from the chocolate beads chosen to the type of liquid and the whisking technique used—can create a uniquely delightful experience!

Choose Your Chocolate

First things first, you'll need to choose the chocolate you'll be using. This is an essential part of the hot chocolate-making process, and the decision will significantly affect the taste of your final drink.

Whilst you can use cocoa powder, chocolate chips or chocolate bars, we'd recommend premium chocolate beads. This is because they're packed with flavour, melt easily and give your hot chocolate a velvety, rich texture. Rather than using unsweetened cocoa powder or bittersweet chocolate, beads are an ideal way to create the perfect hot chocolate.

80Noir Ultra: Experience the True Taste of Luxury Dark Chocolate

Here at 80Noir Ultra, we specialise in providing a range of premium chocolate beads that are perfect for your indulgent drink. Made from 80.3% cocoa, this luxury dark chocolate contains 90% less sugar than other popular brands, so you can be sure that your drink is packed with various health benefits. Full of antioxidants, chocolate has been renowned for its healing properties for years, with the Aztecs believing it was a gift from the Gods and even using it as currency.

Now, our chocolate comes in beads ideal for melting and blending into your drink. Not only do they melt faster and more evenly than a regular chocolate bar, but they give a more velvety texture than cocoa powder. Plus, they're made from 80.3% cocoa and carry a robust and profound rich flavour unmatched by any other chocolate.

No worries if you're a fan of a sweet treat but are limited due to dietary requirements. 80Noir Ultra chocolate beads are specifically designed to work with a wide range of nutritional needs and can improve mental health, energy and fitness levels. Whether you follow a low-sugar diet or keto-diet, our chocolate can fit into your lifestyle without compromising on taste.

With their health benefits and unparalleled taste, we're confident that our 80Noir Ultra chocolate beads will deliver the best hot chocolate experience you've ever had. Don't settle for anything less than the best when looking after yourself!

Hot Chocolate Ingredients

Let's take a closer look at the ingredients you'll need:

Chocolate Beads

The soul of a cup of hot chocolate, the type and quality of the chocolate you choose will dictate the taste and texture of your drink. The 80Noir Ultra chocolate beads melt easily and their high cocoa content (80.3%) provides a robust and profound rich flavour unmatched by any other hot cocoa powder.


The ideal medium for an espresso-style hot chocolate. If you want to take your hot chocolate experience to a new level, you could use hot water instead of milk to make an espresso-style chocolate shot. This method is ideal for those mornings when you want a unique twist to your regular coffee ritual! Using hot water, you can make a concentrated, deeply flavoured drink that can be a thrilling start to your morning. Kick those caffeine cravings and enjoy a healthier start to your day.


The ideal medium for a creamy hot chocolate, milk provides a smooth and creamy base that pairs beautifully with the rich notes of your chocolate beads. You could use whole milk, skimmed, or even alternatives like almond, hazelnut, coconut or oat milk, depending on your preference and dietary requirements. Each type of milk will impart its unique texture and flavour to the drink.

For example, coconut milk creates a tropical flavour, whereas any type of almond or soy milk adds a nutty undertone. Adding a different type of milk can help create various flavour profiles to enhance your drink. However, it's worth noting that soya can potentially overpower the subtle flavour of dark chocolate. But this is all down to personal preference!


The key tool for the perfect hot chocolate. A good whisk ensures your chocolate beads are melted and mixed uniformly into the hot milk or water, creating a smooth and creamy hot chocolate. If you don't have a whisk, you can use a fork or spoon, but a whisk will give you the best results.

Best Hot Chocolate Recipe

The Best Hot Chocolate Recipe

So, let's take a look at how to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate:

The Classic Hot Chocolate Method

We recommend using 15 chocolate beads coupled with 70ml of hot water for traditional hot chocolate lovers. To prepare, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Place 15 beads into a jug.

  2. Pour the hot 70ml of water over the beads.

  3. Whisk until you achieve a smooth emulsion.

  4. Pour this mixture into an espresso cup.

Alternatively, directly add the beads into the espresso cup, fill it halfway, whisk the mixture, and then top it up with the remaining hot water.

The Soothing Milk-Infused Method

Looking for a more relaxing, soothing drink to enjoy in the afternoon or evening? Try our milk-based variation. Here's the recipe:

  1. Use 20 to 25 chocolate beads and around 150-200ml of milk, depending on your depth of flavour preference.

  2. Add the beads to the milk.

  3. Whisk, and then top it up.

The Half-and-Half Method

Fancy the best of both worlds? Try our half-and-half method for a delightful afternoon pick-me-up:

  1. Use 20-25 beads, 70ml of hot water, and 70ml of hot milk.

  2. Follow the same procedure as above to mix them together.

Top Hot Chocolate-Making Tips

Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

Water Usage and Whisking Technique

Remember, we suggest 40-75ml for an espresso shot for water usage. For a longer drink, no more than 240ml is needed, ideally keeping it between 70ml and 200ml. Achieving the perfect consistency comes down to your whisking technique.

Start by filling your cup half full, then insert the whisk, tilt it at a 45-degree angle, and whisk it all together. Then, slowly extract the whisk and top up your cup with the remaining milk or hot water.

If you're in need of a whisk, you can view our favourite one here:

Choice of Milk

Regarding milk, our preferences are Guernsey semi-skimmed dairy milk or oat milk as a plant-based alternative. Whole milk can sometimes dominate the taste but is great for energy and post-exercise recovery. Alternatively, almond milk and hazelnut are a great way to add a nutty flavour, or to create a semi-sweet chocolate through a flavoured one such as vanilla.

Preparing the Hot Water and Milk

When using hot water, boil the kettle, let it cool slightly, and then pour over the chocolate beads. This isn't tea, so you'll want to make sure the chocolate melts rather than burns.

If you prefer to use milk, heat it in a frother or microwave until hot, then pour over the beads. For those who like a touch of mindfulness in their routine, heating the milk in a pan is an excellent choice. Take 5 minutes out of your day to sit back and enjoy the process.

A great cup of hot chocolate is more than just a beverage - it's an experience. It's a chance to slow down, savour the moment, and indulge in life's simple pleasures. From selecting the finest 80Noir Ultra chocolate beads to choosing your preferred milk, water, and the right whisking technique, every step in making hot chocolate is an opportunity to create something truly special. With our guide, you know how to craft your perfect cup of hot chocolate, whether a robust espresso-style chocolate shot or a creamy, milk-infused evening treat.

Remember, the beauty of hot chocolate is that it's personal. You can experiment and discover your perfect blend, the ultimate cup of joy that warmly fills your heart. And with the health benefits of our 80Noir Ultra chocolate beads, this comforting drink can also be a guilt-free indulgence that fits into any lifestyle or dietary requirement.

So, put the kettle on, choose your chocolate, and let the magic happen. Here's to luxury in every cup!

Hot Chocolate FAQs:

We've answered some of the most frequently asked questions about making hot chocolate below:

Is Hot Chocolate Just Hot Milk?

No, hot chocolate is much more than that. In fact, some hot chocolates don't even contain milk, they're simply a blend of premium chocolate and water, whisked to create that smooth velvety texture. An 80Noir Ultra hot chocolate is a beautiful, nutritious way to start your day.

Can You Microwave Milk For Hot Chocolate?

Yes, you can microwave the milk for hot chocolate. However, we'd recommend heating it up on the hob and gently warming the milk until it's at the correct temperature. Any leftover hot chocolate can be warmed again this way, as it ensures the milk doesn't burn, just remember to watch it carefully!

Do You Make Hot Chocolate With Milk Or Water?

You can make hot chocolate with either milk or water- it's up to you! Our hot cocoa is made using premium dark chocolate rather than the sweet milk chocolate alternative. This means it's rich and creamy on its own, so you won't need any extra chocolate chips or whipped cream but feel free to add some if you'd like.

Should hot chocolate be boiling?

No, you should not boil hot chocolate. Remember, it's not tea! For the perfect hot cocoa recipe, you should gently warm the hot chocolate until it reaches the perfect temperature.

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