Hot Chocolate Meditation for all - Beginners guide.

Hot Chocolate Meditation for all - Beginners guide.

I'm so pleased you are interested to try out our new hot chocolate beginners guide. There is no complicated process, just you, your hot chocolate and 30 mins of time to get your wellbeing wind-fall.

I invite you to take a trip back in time and set aside 30 minutes to meditate, to allow the full effects of the hot chocolate to take place. If you do not have time to do this, perhaps drink your hot chocolate 15-20 minutes before your short meditation to feel the benefits. Or simply mindfully sip your beverage, being aware of your breath and senses whilst reflecting on your goals for the day for some minutes. Any amount of mindfulness is a great start, so please feel free to adapt this meditation to fit your routine.

Are you ready to start? Settle down with a cup of 80NoirUltra, and let’s begin

Step 1. After preparing your hot chocolate how you prefer, get into a comfortable position depending on your body’s needs, this may be sat in a lotus position, or propped up with cushions on your favourite chair/in bed. Cover with a blanket if you get cold (as you relax, your adrenal centre will lower and body temperature drop so feel free to have a blanket over your legs). Gently close your eyes.

Step 2. Begin by becoming aware of your breath. If you find yourself particularly distracted, it may help to breathe in, out and hold for a count of 3. If any feelings or thoughts of tension, stress or pain are present in the body and mind, acknowledge them, but try not to fixate, allow them to pass like clouds (this can take practice).

Step 3. Once you feel settled, begin to sip your beverage. Notice the sensations arising in your body. Let the smells tickle inside your nose and let yourself imagine what flavours and imagery comes to mind, is the smell bringing you calmness? Maybe you feel a sense of comfort and warmth washing over you. Feel the warm of the mug in your hands and note the taste of the hot chocolate. 

Step 4. With each sip, and upon each inhale, imagine feelings of positivity and peace entering your mind and body. With each breathe out, imagine whatever is holding you down today, leaving you. Let go of thoughts of stress, anxiety, and all your to-do’s. If you notice your attention wandering, return to the breath. Breathe, sip, let go.

Step 6. Once you have finished you drink. Continue to sit in your meditation for a moment. What feelings has the hot chocolate brought to both your mind and body? You may experience warmth in your chest, feeling of joy and love, and a release of stress and negative emotions.

Step 7. When you are ready, open your eyes and gently come back to focus. Sit and soak in the feeling of relaxation as long as you want to. When you are ready, you can finish your meditation.

Congratulations on finishing your first hot chocolate session. I would love to know how you got on, what worked, what didn't. How do you feel?

Either DM me on IG or tag us with a photo of you and your hot chocolate, I love seeing you all enjoying the humble and beautiful hot chocolate. x

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