Chocolate Origins

Chocolate Origins

A look into my new range of chocolate, it's origin and insight into how the benefits of chocolate really do help out wellbeing, fitness and health.

Pure dark chocolate has so many amazing qualities for our mind and bodies. Eaten in the right doses -around 13.5 to 30g per day -it can improve our mental clarity, improve performance, lower our blood pressure, increase our happy hormones and reduce our stress levels. ​ 80Noir Ultra has been over 30 years in the making; cultivated from years of research, testing different flavour combinations of drinking chocolates and chocolate bars around the globe. I have been on a perpetual search for a truly great drinking chocolate, coming close in Italy and again in the Swiss Alps, until eventually I created my own signature blend of chocolate: one which would knock the socks off all the drinking chocolates out there -a true taste of chocolate: a purity like no other. I developed a recipe that is unique to me and now I am sharing it with you.  ​

Like many of our fine foods, 80NU is a blend of different beans; capturing the best and unique qualities of each to create the perfect recipe. 80Noir Ultra Cacao is based on three main tastes balancing bitterness, fruity and spicy notes.

I use sustainably sourced Porcelana from Venezuela and Trinitario from Tanzania and Cuba to give my solid bars and hot chocolate pistols their uniquely smooth, rich, clean and moreish flavour.

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