Cacao Ceremonies - Healing Heart Medicine

Cacao Ceremonies - Healing Heart Medicine

There has been a phenomenal rise in the use of ceremonial grade Cacao (100% Raw and Organic) as well as a slight change in peoples perception and an openness to experience what the elders and aztec knew, all those many years ago and what we, somehow lost in amongst mass production and sugared varieties, so prevalent in a mass produced world. However, now it's time to bring it back and really embrace all that is cacao, and with that, we have cacao as a healing heart power house from cacao ceremonies. Its health benefits are just wonderful, it really is a 'Food of the Gods', but what is a cacao ceremony and why should one go?

Cacao is part of the 'Plant medicine' family which includes the likes of Peyote, Ayahuasca, Wachuma, Iboga, Sananga and is not to be underestimated as it is a very powerful spirit/energetic medicine commonly referred to as heart medicine. It contains Ananadamide (The Bliss molecule) and Theobromine(A heart stimulant that increases blood pressure).

Cacao ceremonies can be held in so many different ways it really is down to the facilitator and what experience they are offering… from ecstatic dance to singing, relaxing meditation or sound journey. It could even be a sharing circle where everyone comes together to drink cacao and talk. The reason cacao can be delivered in so many ways is because it is heart medicine. It helps us to move out of our heads andcome back to our heart. When we are operating from heart consciousness we are open to receive and give in the most loving, nourishing harmonious way.
No matter what the activity of the ceremony the thing they all have in common is the intention of connection. To enable the people who are coming to receive the cacao to enter, an energetic and physical space of comfort, non judgment and open heartedness. A place for one to really be who one truly is, or if need be to discover who one is. A ceremony is a place of presence, it calls for stillness and silence allowing one to let go of the fast jumble of mind, all the stresses and thoughts of the day or future projections. Instead allowing one to step out of the flow of mind and enter the space of cacao. Most ceremonies will start with everyone coming together, becoming quite, connecting with the breath, becoming present, then connecting with the cacao and the reason they are at the ceremony, setting intentions. This is the perfect opportunity to distress from the day and to give self full permission to only focus on the ceremony giving the mind a wonderful rest.
Most Cacao ceremonies are focused on combining the heart opening aspects of cacao with other holistic activities. Which is perfect as the cacao can often be the invitation one needs to step past fear and discover what lies beyond. I personally facilitate cacao and singing circles, I find the cacao really helps the group to focus on connecting with the songs and their voices from a feeling perspective rather than a performance based stance. then they worry less about how they sound and rather enjoy singing and experience sound and felt sensation, there can often be laughter and tears as this new found joy is realized.
Cacao and movement is another perfect combination and the cacao can really help us connect with our bodies, worrying less about what we look like to others and more about how we feel within ourselves. Allowing us to explore more fully or bodies and self expression. This is also true for energy work, breath work, tantra and any intimacy work/workshops. Cacao really can help peel back the layers and the mind chatter until all that is left is love.

Cacao with a sound journey experience is a beautiful way to relax and go within to receive clarity of vision again as it helps reduce the mind noise and help us focus on feeling and experiencing with our hearts, to really receive the healing vibrations of the sounds being created and allowing these vibrations to guide our thoughts and intuition in a way that is aligned to our heart also know as our highest good.

Ahisha has spent years working in ceremonies with sacred plants and Amazonian frog medicine. Really learning to appreciate the power of a sharing circle and realizing cacao is a perfect facilitator for this too, again it enables us to speak more freely from the heart. There is great healing in being able to speak onestruth without judgment, to be heard and to witness others sharing from this beautiful space of vulnerability, it is through sharing our deep emotional landscape that we can connect and gain true insight that we are all here having a shared experience; feeling our emotions, going through ups downs, transitions and metamorphosis, we really are all one and we are all doing our best. We all want the same thing… to be, experience, feel and give love.
For more information on running cacao ceremonies please visit:

I: house.of.cacao

Reviews: "Ahisha offers one to one training via zoom web chat, personal retreats in Costa Rica

She really is here to empower you with your journey into the world of cacao and sacred plant medicine."

"Ahisha is one of the best cacao practitioners I have met, surrendering to the cacao, I have really felt empowered and being in these sessions has allowed me to find my real truth and take leaps to my divine present and I have not felt so much relief and confidence before... it is truly a beautiful experience, I wish everyone to experience at least once in their lives" Carole - Founder of 80Noir Ultra.

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