80Noir Scoops 2 Gold Stars for Great Taste Awards 2019

80Noir Scoops 2 Gold Stars for Great Taste Awards 2019

At 80Noir, we are all about flavour, taste and the mental and physical wellbeing that good quality chocolate provides and allows us to eat daily without the guilt. 80Noir is a bespoke chocolate that we have lovingly created so that you feel fabulous after one bite and so fulfilled that less is more. It is the base chocolate to the whole range.

That’s why we are absolutely delighted to announce that we have won 2 Gold Stars for 80Noir chocolate in the Great Taste 2019!

80Noir Chocolate - 2 Gold Stars Available online only - These bars are the perfect snack for whenever you need a moment of calm clarity and perfection.

Watch this space as 80Noir will be showing a few more to the product line in the next few weeks. All for 80Noir. The Great Taste Awards are based solely on taste.

Here is what the judges had to say: This chocolate looks beautiful, deeply coloured with a good sheen and a satisfying snap. It has the velvety dark chocolate feel at the start and goes into a sweet-almost-bitter taste which is silky smooth in the mouth with a long almost creamy finish. This is clever, to produce a chocolate bar which is nearly 80% cacao but without the corresponding intense bitterness. A bar of tiny squares which snaps cleanly and is quite glossy. The melt is gradual, we find cocoa but no bitterness, a little flinty almost. A good character and delicious finish after a few minutes of appreciating the melting moment. We hope you all agree that the chocolate does all the talking and makes you feel unbelievably happy you are eating it.

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