5 SIMPLE ways to improve mental strength in these strange times.

5 SIMPLE ways to improve mental strength in these strange times.

Ever wondered how humans survived when we didn't have technology? Social media and TV? It almost seems as though that modern technology has kept us from toppling the insanity hill. We may be staying away from our friends, family, loved ones to protect them as well as reducing the burden our heroic key workers are performing to keep the "everyday" going.

To begin with this, I saw no real difference if I'm honest, but as the weeks move on, it has definitely had a huge impact on my mental health and physical health. Mainly how much i miss physical intimacy, a hug here there, holding someones hand, the act of stealing someone heats because I'm cold and they are radiating like the sun, but mainly seeing a physical face to talk to and not through a screen. Its great and it help fill the void but it doesn't fix the age old desire that ultimately we are creatures who like company, whether all day long or for moments, we do like physical bodies near us. Or i certainly do.

So i decided to embark of looking at this in a new way, how can i make this the best thing that could happen to me, so by the time we are able to have dinner with friends, hugs family etc I am at my best possible mentally and physically. So I stopped... Stopped everything i know and routinely do and looked at what was helping and what wasn't.. Slowly replacing the bad with good, and old with new ways to look and do things... I am still learning and growing but so far *touch wood* i am finding this to be a healthier, happier path.

I'd like to share a few tips that have helped my mindset and heart along the way.


1. Every morning, I now get up, pop the kettle on and make myself a liquid shot of chocolate with Aztec Gold Spice. The power house drink is packed with immunity boosting benefits that no matter what, it makes my brain feel i am on the right path, so if i become ill i am at least not making it worse and can be strong enough to overcome it.

If you have the spice - try it - I promise after 2 weeks straight, I am thinking clearer, lighter and happier, if not, here is the recipe to make your own version (just omit the milk and make it with pure hot water)


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