100 of The Best Things to do During Lockdown

100 of The Best Things to do During Lockdown

1. Go on a social media detox

2. Journal - write a diary

3. Do yoga

4. Take an online class

5. Declutter

6. Try a FREE relax programme

7. Meditate

8. Try a FREE indoor escape room

9. Facetime

10. Take part in a weekly, live online quiz

11. Let your creative juices flow

12. Dance

13. Learn a new language

14. Cook a new recipe

15. Take a bath

16. Watch something uplifting

17. Sort through pictures

18. Read your favourite blogs

19. Listen to podcasts

20. Try a new hairstyle

21. Self soothe

22. Give thanks

23. Write a letter to a friend

24. Start a new challenge

25. Write notes of affirmation

26. Practise deep breathing

27. Order some plants and get green fingered

28. Listen to calming music

29. Start a side hustle

30. Play an online game

31. Learn calligraphy

32. Take care of your skin

33. Watch a new show

34. Do a jigsaw puzzle

35. Learn Origami

36. Make a scrap book

37. Wash your car

38. Do an online mindfulness meditation body scan

39. Make a den and camp overnight in your living room

40. Sit down and enjoy a hot chocolate

41. Play board games

42. Bake bread

43. Write a short story

44. Join a virtual reading group

45. Stretch

46. Organise your Tupperware

47. Arrange a google hangout party

48. Clean your house

49. Try live meditation from your home

50. Try a free weekly healthy meal plan

51. Read the Happy News

52. Have a remote coffee with friends, via Zoom

53. Play virtual bingo

54. Re-sort your cutlery drawer

55. Discover your roots

56. Organise your food cupboards

57. Get your tax return done!

58. Draw (this is for kids, but incredibly relaxing!)

59. Read

60. Create a new playlist

61. Write a letter to an elder

62. Live stream a concert

63. Join the sofa singers

64. Enjoy art and culture from your sofa

65. Binge a box set

66. Write a song

67. Try the 100 push up challenge

68. Solve a mystery

69. Have a nap

70. Learn First Aid

71. Play cards

72. Find something to upcycle

73. Dress up and have a posh night in!

74. Birdwatch from your windowsill

75. Treat yourself to "new office" clothing

76. Learn a magic trick

77. Make a model bird

78. Play sudoku

79. Eat, drink, sleep and keep healthy

80. Phone a friend

81. Donate to a food bank

82. Clean your oven.

83. Show your support to the NHS

84. Organise your wardrobe

85. Learn to juggle

86. Watch the Northern Lights

87. Review your bills, cancel unnecessary subscriptions

88. Plan your next holiday. It WILL happen!

89. Empty your inbox

90. Sit in your garden or by a window and breathe fresh air

91. Have an indoor picnic

92. Volunteer

93. Have an at-home spa day

94. List your goals and plans to achieve them

95. Make a crown and be king/queen of the house for the day!

96. Listen to an audiobook

97. Take the most beautiful photos of isolation you can get

98. Learn a joke

99. Wash your hands for 20 seconds

100. Make a wish list for life post-lockdown

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