Benefits of Dark Chocolate

80Noir Ultra is inspired to improve your overall wellbeing. Taken in small doses, 80Noir Ultra chocolate can be eaten/drunk daily to naturally increase your energy levels, help you relieve anxiety and reduce your stress levels.

Quantity of chocolate is such an important subject, often being too much, however 80Noir Ultra comes in the perfect daily recommended sizes from the start, so you have a perfect sized melt in the mouth chocolate with all the benefits and no regrets. From the drinking chocolate to snack bars, 80Noir Ultra's goal is to help you feel happier and let your body glow from at the inside out.


Helps maintain bowel health, lower cholesterol levels and helps control blood sugar levels


Has a multitude of antioxidants that may help to lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and boost overall heart health. It also helps reduce insomnia and anxiety. 


Which is great to prevent certain cancers, fight against disease, prevent mental decline, important for thyroid health and boosts immune system as well as help reduce asthmas symptoms.


Helps build and repair tissues, especially after exercise. Protein also helps to make enzymes, hormones and is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood


Helps reduce stress, anxiety, lowers blood pressure and can bring relief from stroke, heart and kidney disorders. It also helps with enhanced muscle strength, metabolism, water balance, electrolyte functions and nervous systems


Helps preserve bodily function, including energy and focus. Gastro-intestinal processes, the immune system and regulation of body temperature





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