Why 80Noir Ultra Dark Chocolate

At 80Noir Ultra, We're devoted to boosting Britains love affair with dark chocolate. We're a young British Company passionate about dark chocolate. We offer only premium quality award winning hot chocolate elixirs and speciality bars. 
Unique, hand crafted, dark chocolate. 80Noir Ultra is a one of a kind recipe, made from cacao sourced from sustainable cacao plants in Cuba, Tanzania and Venezuela.


At 80Noir Ultra, our chocolatier has the experience and expertise to help hotels, restaurants and all food service outlets to maximise the benefits of premium, award winning dark chocolate for their business. We look to advise hotels on how to re-imagine its hot chocolate offering, leading to the planned development on updating all dark chocolate protocols.

Bespoke Service

Do you have an exciting idea around the topic of chocolate that you’d like to explore? Let us know, because at 80Noir Ultra, we are passionate about everything to do with chocolate and are always willing to deliver dark chocolate-related products and services tailored to your needs.

Chocolate Tastings

Our 80Noir Ultra chocolate ceremonies will help you to appreciate the science and the art of chocolate. Whether it’s for professional or personal purposes, our chocolatier will happily host chocolate ceremonies/tasting sessions, workshops and masterclasses to show you how to tell the quality of one chocolate from the next and how to best enjoy a range of award winning hot chocolate.


80Noir Ultra company is more than a wholesale supplier or distributor of multi award winning, premium, dark chocolate drinks and bars to the hospitality and catering industry. We make sure our responsibility doesn’t end when we take and deliver your chocolate orders. As your partners, we make a point of designing and running 80Noir Ultra Chocolate training sessions from the onset of our partnership.

Chocolate Collection

We supply drinking chocolate and bars in which can be served and enjoyed in traditional ways or as ingredients to baking, cocktails and cold drinks. 


80Noir Ultra are passionate about spreading the word about premium quality dark chocolate and eating/drinking it as part of a balanced positive lifestyle. From features/podcasts/radios and showcasing the benefits to everybody's mental and physical wellbeing and fitness. 

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