80Noir Ultra Elite Squad (AKA Ambassadors)

Let's give a big warm mindful welcome to our New Elite Squad (AKA Ambassadors). Amazingly talented in their field, they recognise the importance of great quality dark chocolate to their mental and physical wellbeing and fitness performance. Click on each of the pictures to find out more. 

Aly Dixon | Olympian | World 50km Champion & World record holder 

I'm a self confessed chocoholic! I've found that eating good quality dark chocolate can give me that chocolate kick but with some added health benefits. 80 Noir is 79.3% cocoa so it has lower sugar but richer flavour than milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is full of flavonoids which help to promote a healthy CV system and boost endurance.

My favourite product is the hot chocolate beads. I use them every night before bed, made with milk. I find that this drink soothes and relaxes me before bed and helps to promote good sleep.

I also often eat a small handful during the day to boost energy levels and give me a good chocolate boost when I feel an afternoon lull.

Helen Davies | World 50k Silver Medalist & Team Gold Medalist 

Rest and Recovery - why 80Noir Ultra?

"I have most certainly learned the hard way on the recovery front. What you can get away with when you are younger is vastly different in your 40’s and as a busy athlete Mummy. Thinking I am able to keep going and going, only to getting a massive bite in the behind. The overtraining thing, I have discovered, creeps up on you, as does not taking your recovery seriously, it results in burnout, and that really is no joke!

I come at the subject of recovery through 3 lenses, one as an athlete, one as Mummy, and now as both!


It has taken me till now in my life, at the age of 41 to realise how wrong I have got my recovery over the years. I used to think if I am not running, I am therefore recovering! Not so. The daily stresses of life prevent us from recovering, even if we are sitting still, we are not really 'switching off'. In my case, over the last year and the situation caused by the pandemic, more than ever my recovery was being shoved to one side. cramming in my training around homeschooling the boys, and then once homeschooling was over, it was all the mummy duties, household chores, and my own training, work and education, grabbing cups of tea and coffee on the go....a situation which I am sure many can relate to!

By the time Christmas was over and the second lockdown was upon us, I felt the burn out was really serious, my mind was exhausted and as a result my body had said enough! 

helen davies.jpg

So where does chocolate fit into all this, well first and foremost, dark chocolate has always been my go to when I feel my energy or mood is low, it never fails to just make me feel better. I was having a chat with my osteopath/breathwork coach and S&C coach about how I was feeling, and how I was going to be able to improve it in the difficult circumstances. He said to me, right, tell me one small thing you enjoy, what makes you feel good? I said a cup of good hot chocolate (preferably snuggled under a blanket, by a campfire, under the stars - but we have to be practical!). So, the plan was, no matter what, I give myself 30mins to go and sit quietly and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, read, breath, listen to some music - but most importantly switch off from ALL the stress. So I started doing this for a while, then I thought, if I am going to do this I need to fully embrace it, maximise the benefits and do it well! As Socrates Quote says "better to do a little well, than a great deal badly" That is where 80NU comes in, I had seen so many great reviews and posts popping up about this product and when I did more research into the product and Carole's motivation behind it , I realised this was the hot chocolate I needed in my life! 


So it has now been part of my daily routine, and I have not looked back, the precious time out, and giving myself a reason to stop, permission to stop, and enjoy a beautiful cup of comforting 80NU, has been the biggest step on the road to burnout recovery, couple that with all the amazing health benefits of 80NU, I feel my mood boosted, peace and balance restored. Committing to a few minutes, be it 5 or 30, in your day will not be a game changer, but it is a start to solid foundations and a good relationship with recovery, it's better to start with small manageable changes that are realistic to stick to and work up from there.


I enjoy my cup of 80NU made with frothy milk! and if I'm in need of an extra big hit, I enjoy a few extra beads on the side. I never leave the house without an emergency mini bar of 80NU in my


Lucy Sturgess | Keen cyclist and lover of the outdoors 

'I was introduced to 80NU through Pretty Athletic Skincare after joining an online hot chocolate master class which was brilliant! I often crave something sweet in the evening, but then would get a spike and feel rubbish afterwards. Having a nice hot chocolate felt comforting and satisfying yet without the sugar high, also just a small amount of chocolate leaves me feeling content. I'm now a covert for dark chocolate and there is nothing more I enjoy than a 80noir hot chocolate after a long ride once at home and comfortable in my fleecy socks and PJs :)

Duncan Orrock | Pilates and Movement Teacher, with focus on Running

I am more than happy to be an ambassador for 80NU, as it's a product I have been using in my own training, and recommending to others, ever since I first came across it.

The brand fits in perfectly with my belief in using natural products for fuelling my training, and there is increasing research on the benefits of dark chocolate, and the process used

to make 80NU makes it the best tasting dark chocolate you are likely to find.  I use 80NU as a training fuel, and daily hot chocolate recovery drink, and it has been my main

fuel for my last 10 marathons. 

Duncan Pilates 2020 edit (130 of 131)159
David Bones | Ultra Runner | Running Coach & Co-Founder of London's Camino Ultra events

David has been an ultrarunner for over a decade. He has competed in Spartathlon (153 miles) and World 24 hour championships. He is a running coach, co-founder of London's Camino Ultra events and a podcaster with the Legends of Running Endurance series.

He is a lifelong lover of chocolate and in more recent times has dialled into the nutritional benefits of quality led chocolate especially for rest and recovery. Collaborating with 80Noir Ultra is a dream come true.

Kat Mathews | World 19th Long Distance Triathlete | British Army Physiotherapist 

Kat Matthews is a Professional Long-Distance Triathlete, who is serving in the British Army currently as an Elite Athlete with a dual-career in Physiotherapy. She is in the BMC Pro Triathlon Team and in 2020 she won Ironman Florida in a course record time of 8hrs40mins. She also won Ironman 70.3 Tallinn and took the National Title for the 100miles cycling time trial. 

Having started triathlon in 2015 and raced in the age group ranks for 3 years prior to qualifying for her professional licence Kat associates a lot of her success to maintaining a healthy balance between training and life. As everyone knows, endurance sport can become all-consuming but by actively having a good perspective on recovery and a healthy mental health as well as a strong body Kat made the remarkable jump from a novice to Top 20 in the World at Ironman distance in just these few years. 


As a kid, Kat remembers her father making her hot chocolate in the evening after she had finished hockey training or even just a normal day at school. This routine has become a habit Kat has daily now alongside her training. 


"I honestly cannot believe I have found a product that aligns with my ethos on the holistic nature of a daily hot chocolate and is able to encompass the absolute top quality of ingredients that I need as an athlete too!"

orca selfie.jpg
Richard Lovelock | Ex Semi Pro Footballer | Competitive Cyclist on "crits" & road racing in UK. Zwift Leader. 

After being introduced to 80 Noir Ultra via a gift package from Strava, during Christmas 2020, I was instantly hooked. it’s easy to sense the quality, care and love of all 80 Noir Ultra products along with use of all natural ingredients. I’m thrilled to now join the ‘Elite Hyggelig Squad’ to help spread the word.

Firstly, the chocolate, both in ‘hot-choc form’ along with the performance-orientated bars, are simply delicious. I’m keen to help promote the positive health aspects, physical and mental, of 80 Noir Ultra.  Whilst it certainly feels indulgent, there is zero requirement for any guilt! The versatility of a small morning ‘shot’ or a cosy evening mug is wonderful.

I’m super-excited to help spread the ‘hygge’ ethos of 80 Noir Ultra, as we could all use a little more of this in our lives and toward each other. I’d also love to help reduce barriers or stigma around men enjoying a quality cup of hot choc (or at least showing that they do 😉)!

Aside from the delicious hot choc, my favourite product is the Funky Monkey training bar: a perfect mid-ride boost or to kick off post-ride recovery. Being able to incorporate 80 Noir Ultra in to everyday life plus the performance/training side of things is fantastic. 

Let’s get hygge with it!

Jack Schofield | Age group athlete that focusses on Long & middle distance triathlon. Cycling is my strongest of the three disciplines.

I absolutely love hot chocolate in the evening to unwind after a busy day of training, shooting & editing. We used to use a hotel chocolat velvetier but more recently I’ve moved to 80 noir and it’s great to have every day to lift my mood without having to have a big hit of sugar before sleep. I also use the bars in the day for a quick hit of energy before a session, or on the go around shoots. 


I’m really excited to meet more of the squad, use more of the product and hopefully create some cool content around the 80 Noir brand! 

Siobhan Kemsley
Lives in a Midlands with Andy my husband , Josh my 9 year old and Gracie my puppy dog. I’ve turned 50 and on a quest to be fit and fabulous at 50 with walking 6 miles a day and getting back into cycljng again.
Jane Vongvorachoti | 2016 Olympic Marathon for Thailand | 2018 Asian Games Contender | Thailand National Football Team for 7 years 

I am working with or love being a 80noir ambassador because I am a chocolate lover first and foremost.  I have a sweet tooth, and as a Olympic marathon runner and a health professional working in the fitness industry as well as a Early Years certified teacher (Physical Education)... this can present a problem.  My weight gain during the course of my athletic career fluctuated because once a training cycle ended, if I was in a moment of stress or when I was lacking sleep- sugar was a go to.  I absolutely knew better, but sometimes you just want the sweets.  I have over the years came up with recipes on my own to make sweets, but in healthier ways.  I have turned to dark chocolate and putting them in the freezer and breaking them up into smaller pieces.  But I often found that I would still eat more pieces than I should.

When I came across 80noir, read more about it and attended the hot chocolate masterclass, I was hooked.  I found that I could actually satisfy my sweet tooth and also fuel my performance and recovery.  The best part about 80noir is the adaptability of the product ranges.  I can use the bar to take with me to a cafe and ask for some hot water, knowing I could have a healthy drink on the go with no mess of powders.  I could you it to fuel my performance by breaking off a piece of chocolate.  But my absolute favorite reason I love about 80 noir is it's health benefits that come guilt free, especially using the spices along with 80noir in hot chocolate to create a kind of aromatherapy to calm the mind.  The research behind making 80noir is quite impressive, and the time it took to curate the best chocolates that hits the spot had me sold.