Sustainability Plan


Packaging & Marketing Material Success So far

  1. 100g Bags of BeadsWe have initiated the 100g recyclable bags which are made from PE 25 MDO /PE White EVOH 60. They have been designed and currently in the manufactures waiting to be produced. Thanks to the success of the Crowdfunding Campaign we are on our way to sustainable packaging.

  2. ION8 Branded FlaskWe are proud partners of ION8 and supporting them to design and deliver desirable reusable products, thereby inspiring impactful reduction in waste through their widespread adoption. Reduce single use of plastic, reduce waste, and help this one small bottle to change the world. These bottles are made with pro grade stainless steel, extremely durable; it won't corrode, or degrade, even after years of refilling your water. Durable and built to last, this is truly a reusable bottle for life. Stainless steel is fully, easily and widely recyclable.

  3. 60ml & 120ml Bottles - Each bottle is made from glass-like PET plastic which has excellent benefits when compared to its glass counterpart. They are ultra lightweight, shatterproof & fully recyclable.

  4. Spice Bottles - Made from glass which is 100% recyclable and can be endlessly reused with no loss of quality.  The cork stopper is a 100% natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable material. They can be put in your home compost bin, recycled in some stores or used as a mulch on plants when chopped into small pieces.

  5. Post Cards & Leaflets - All our postcards, recipes, stickers are 100% recycled and are from FSC certified mills. We choose to work with local manufactures to reduce the carbon footprint and they use couriers who are committed to making every parcel delivered carbon neutral.


Aim to be 100% Complete by 2022


Current Level:

Sustainability Plan


Packaging & Marketing Material Remediation in progress

  1. 13.5g Mini Bars - Packaging is not recyclable. Finding a suitable barrier that doesn't impact the quality and structure of the chocolate is difficult. We are looking at various options.

  2. 300g Bags of Beads - The current batch of bags are not recyclable, however we are working with the supplier to provide sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging where possible.

  3. 1Kg Bag of Beads - These are currently not recyclable. Finding a suitable barrier that doesn't routinely impact the quality and structure of the chocolate is difficult. We are looking at various options to make all our packaging recyclable as quickly as possible.

  4. Shipping Packaging - We are at 50% recyclable capacity and working on increasing this to 100% recyclable by the end of the year 2021.

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Cacao Horizons Foundation

Being part of this initiate is an important part of 80Noir Ultra, in which our 3 key areas of focus are:


  • 40% of farms in program are above the poverty line

  • +31% v's previous year farmers delivering horizons cacao +26,588

  • +237% v's previous year productivity packages were delivered  +10,563


  • 60% farmer groups covered with CLMRS or equivalent (110)

  • +120% v's previous year child labour cases under remediation or remediated +2788

  • +134% v's previous year farmer house holds that participated labour survey +22,463


  • 76% cocoa demonstrated free from deforestation

  • +115% v's previous year cacao and shade trees distributed +1,585,159

  • +83% v's previous year tons of carbon sequestered +60,023

Wonky Bars

I have a bug bear about waste, and don't like to waste chocolate where I can, as such, I have started a new initiative with our training bars. Any that do not meet the high standards expected are given a 'Wonky' status. This means they have a few marks, slight tempering and inaccuracies but taste the same. However, they are just as lovely, and have the same nutritional, wellbeing and fitness benefits. I invite you to check these out and give them the love they deserve. Please share and if you agree, use our #80NUnowaste hashtag to support.

cocoa_vintage [Converted]-03.png
Image by Chris Charles

Palm Oil Free

It was over 10 years ago I went to Borneo and saw the destruction that Palm Oil Plantations caused on the lives of animals in the wild, in particular orangutans and I vowed not to use palm oil in any of my products whenever I started a business. I have kept that promise and will continue to do so, as well advocating ways to be more eco-friendly, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Zero Waste Shops


We work with
companies whose premise is to have zero waste.

What is a zero waste shop?
A zero waste shop enables customers to live a more zero-waste lifestyle through eliminating packaging and encouraging the use of containers from home to fill and refill with bulk wholefoods, natural beauty and cleaning products plus much more. They provide the opportunity for you to: 


  • Cut down on pointless plastics and single use packaging.

  • Combat food waste as you only buy what you need.

  • Help you eat more organic and sustainable ingredients.

  • Stock up on eco-friendly cleaning products.

  • Refill your shampoo and soap bottles.


We are proud to be working with Earth Unwrapped in Northallerton. If you are interested in stocking 80Noir Ultra in your zero waste shop, please fill out the forms and we'll get back to you.



No oil has been used to make 80Noir Ultra chocolate

80Noir Ultra is made from soya lecithin, no dairy has been used

80Noir Ultra uses 100% sustainable dark chocolate

80Noir Ultra is
working on being 100% sustainable by 2025

80Noir Ultra Goal


80Noir Ultra is working to expand and grow and be able to plant a tree for every order bought to fight against Climate Change and reduce de-forestation which cacao farming has a huge impact on.

Download 80Noir Ultra's Study of Sustainability and Environment Processes