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Footloose and Chocolate

I know i talk about how chocolate is great for fitness and it is, in all its glory, the boost you get from the flavanols and cacao is like no other, forget coffee, chocolate will super charge you and when added with organic natural toppings, it can enhance performance, promote recovery and keep you motivated.

Saying all that, the other great arm to chocolate is its super wellbeing power, providing happy hormones serotonin and dopamine as it boosts neurotransmitters and balances hormones. Especially needed this weekend when i went in for my ankle operation to have my ligament screwed back in place so i have stability once again. After the operation, the usual drop in blood pressure, the nausea and dizziness came, and went thanks to the magic of drugs, i was gasping for my hug in a mug, my serotonin release, my dopamine fix and boy did it work. The rich chocolate scent, the hot chocolate flavour soothing my sense and calming me down and bringing me a sense of still sense and comfort that no other drink can give.

So not only is the gift of chocolate great for fitness and boosts us physically and biologically, it also enhances our wellbeing, our soul, spirit and is one of the best ways to boost our happiness levels instantly.

All i have to do now is try to be a good patient!





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