Dark Chocolate Aquafaba Mousse

May 28, 2020

So, this one is a new one for me, I have seen so many recipes saying to use what is effectively the brine of chickpeas but I have never really found the gumption to do so, but whilst in lockdown. I have promised myself that I would not waste products, so as I toasted chickpeas in the oven (a great snack by the way with some paprika and salt on), I thought I would give this a go and I wont lie. I was very sceptical, but very pleased to say that it turned out to be a triumph and one I would consider doing again! 


The main difference with this and egg whites is that you have to beat this for longer than you would think and then stop, as you can over beat it. Tip: Use a machine to beat otherwise you will have severe arm ache, unless you fancy doing it as an exercise session, in which case 5 mins in the right hand and 5 mins in the left and job done! 





Okay, being honest, I haven't tried this but have heard it is supposed to be delicious, when you mix the dark chocolate with the cricket, its surprisingly moorish. Apparently the contrasting textures of crunchy and smooth are worth it. If you have tried this, please share your thoughts! 



BBQ's are a big thing for many countries, and especially in southern states of USA, where pork is enhanced by chilli rubs, tangy sauces and on top of all that, dark chocolate to boot! I will be putting in a fabulous cacao based spice mix, so watch this space so you too can have it on your BBQ for this summer. 




I always thought this was a little odd, until I tried it myself. The pungent cheeses do work surprisingly well when paired with an espresso like richness of dark chocolate. This works really well with a 80Noir Ultra beads with a sharp stilton. 




Leaving the best or perhaps the most expensive to the last. Transform any picnic or dinner party into a talking party by matching caviar with white chocolate (yes i know its not dark chocolate). A lot of Molecular gastronomist swear by the salty, tongue tingling fish eggs are even more delicious with this sweet, creamy accompaniment. 


Try these out and see what you think and report back whether thats by adding comments here or taking #80noirultra on Instagram. 


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