Chinese New Year Hot Chocolate

February 4, 2020

Serves 2 




1 Stick of lemongrass

1 Inch piece of fresh ginger

A sprig of fresh mint

Green tea bag

50g 80Noir Ultra Chocolate beads

220ml hot water

220ml hot coconut milk

spoonful of honey (optional)




1. Bash. Hit the end of the lemongrass and grate the ginger

2. Blend. Add half the water or milk and lemongrass/ginger/fresh mint & green teabag and bring to a simmer (5 minutes)

3. Strain. Strain through a fine-mesh strainer into another saucepan. 

4. Heat. Add the remaining water or milk and chocolate beads and heat over a gentle heat (10 minutes). Slowly stir the mixture and breathe in the delicious aroma of lemongrass to assist with the experience. 

5. Add honey if you want a little extra sweetness

6. Froth. Use a whisk to froth. 

7. Enjoy. Find a moment and enjoy.

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