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Autumnal Diaries: PART ONE. Hot Chocolates

Autumn, not only do the sunsets become more spectacular, the changing colours and the cooler air makes this one of my favourite seasons.

Not only that, but it becomes socially more acceptable to be drinking a hot chocolate. I know hot chocolates are associated as a winter drink but I would just like to put it out there, that perhaps its not, perhaps like hot tea, hot coffee, its has its place all year round.

Yes its in its element with snow and log fires and air so cold you can see your own breath in, but thats really when its shining brightly. It glows all year round or should be allowed to...

To show Hot chocolate some love, i would love it if you could make one and share a to my Facebook @carole or Twitter @Carole_Armitage and hashtag #80Noirultra and i will put them all on my website to share in my Autumnal Diaries: where i will be highlighting the various flavours of hot chocolate in kind with the season and at the end of the month. The quirkier, interesting the better! Hot chocolate is not boring!

i'll pick a winner - who will receive a tin of #80noirultra hot chocolate. So you can go into the next season knowing you are treating your body and mind to the best dark chocolate out there.

Send me or email or simply post on here your shots of Hot Chocolate.. Cant wait to see them :)

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