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August 28, 2019

Many Studies have shown that dark chocolate has proven to improve cardiovascular health in athletes and improve performance significantly to make athletes go further for longer.. You can read many articles that supply the evidence and one below for your to read:


However I wanted to do my own experiment to see how this may work and to my amazement i saw positive results.


On Monday and Wednesday I went to Spin class with the same teacher and using cleats both times. The variables are the same except the time. Monday was 45 mins and Wednesday was 60 minutes effort.


On Monday, I took no food beforehand and drank only water throughout the work out and you will see my effort level and heart rate in the photo, side by side with Wednesdays effort.


On Wednesday I made a dark chocolate 80Noir Ultra with hot water shot, 45 mins before the spin class. When you look at the results, Wednesday was more output for more time and lower heart rate in comparison to Monday. Now I know its 1 moment, but over time I would like to share with you that it's not just scientific proof and actual evidence. Using myself as the guinea pig as i have done for years, this time i will show the evidence and you then can see the positive influence dark chocolate can and does have on wellbeing and fitness. 


FACT: Dark chocolate works like beetroot juice (although tastes nicer!). Chocolate contains epicatechin, which is a type of flavanol found in cacao, which also creates nitric oxide production in the body and as such dilates the blood vessels and reduces oxygen consumptions so you can go further for longer. Thus allowing me to work harder in the second class for longer. 


Dark chocolate in the right quantity and quality can and does help both mind and body and through out this time i will show as best i can these results. In time, you will try for yourself or better yet jump on board the dark chocolate train and promote the positive lifestyle that it so should sit. For all the beetroot juice lovers, perhaps it opens up another cupboard to try. One packed with a richer smoother, creamier flavour yet does exactly the same as the well loved beetroot juice. 80Noir Ultra is packaged in the right quantities so you don't have to think about it, just snap dunk mix and enjoy.


Changing minds one chocolate bar at a time!

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