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Different ways to Make Hot Chocolate

Dark chocolate, it can sound daunting to the confectionary lover and many think its too bitter for their palate. I am here to change all that. My bespoke blend of dark chocolate has been lovingly created from 3 origins: Cuba, Tanzania and Venezuela. I have also worked tirelessly with the people at Or Noir to reduce the bitterness without impacting on the flavour, so not only do you get a 79.3% dark chocolate, you get it so it doesn't have the same bitterness and all you get on your palate is a rich creamy smooth dark chocolate that can be eaten or drunk.

Now i have tried numerous ways to make hot chocolate and here are my 4 best offerings (videos to come shortly).

The Chocolate Shot: Made with 80Noir Ultra Chocolate bar and hot water whisked up. This is the strongest of the long and if you want a wake up call, a shot of rich dark chocolate then this is for you. Its great first thing in the morning as a boost, and great just before exercise to get your body revved up.

The Half & Half: Made with 80Noir Ultra Chocolate bar and mixed with half hot water and half hot milk and whisked (My favourite). This is almost a middle ground between a sumptuous earthy soul inducing hygge moment, and a boost to your senses. I love the creaminess and the sense of calm it brings over me. Perfect for when you feel like something extra to balance you out.

The Chocolatte: Made with 80Noir Ultra Chocolate bar and mixed with hot milk and whisked. This is for when you need a helping hand, a hug in a mug, a moment of calm. The soothing milk cuddles all your senses so you are relaxed and recovering from any undue stress. This is also perfect for when you have worked your aching body doing fitness and need a reviver.. The perfect ratio of protein from the chocolate to carbs from the milk, helps ease your muscles and start the recovery process.

The Chococcino: Made with 80Noir Ultra Chocolate bar and whisked with a quarter hot water and topped with foamed milk. This if when you have a bit more time to make the foam and want some milk but nothing to shout about.. A wand waving offering of milk which dilutes the rich chocolate in a cloud of lusciousness. A great pick me up when ever you feel an energy slump coming on or if you want to sit with friends and chat the afternoon away on a pathway of chocolate greatness.

Of course you don't just take my word for it! Try for yourself and see which you prefer most. Let me know as i would love to hear from you and see which you like and if you have found a new one even better.. Share the Chocolate joy

Made from a combination of 80Noir Ultra refill bags, hot chocolate or energy mix tins, and chocolate bars...

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