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80Noir Ultra Giveaway

Fantastic opportunity for you to WIN this fabulous giveaway of 80 Noir Ultra training range products. In Order to win, Follow me on Twitter/Instagram and Retweet/Share the post. The winner will be announced at the London Marathon Event! Good luck everyone.

a) A sustainable tin of energy drink - 200g with scoop. A perfect way to make your own pre/post energy drink.

Instructions: Take a scoop, pour a tiny amount of hot water to melt the pure chocolate chips, and add cold/hot milk of choice and enjoy

i) 60ml for pre exercise boost - wakes up body and energises you for an awesome session

ii) 125ml for post exercise 45-60min. The perfect all rounder to start replenishing lost nutrients and muscle recovery

iii) 250ml for post exercise 75mins onwards for the long haul. This is the perfect chocolate milk to start the muscle recovery process, provide with proteins, carbs, soluble fibre and minerals and vitamins and tastes divine!

b) A soletto cup and instant chocolate shots. The perfect sized cup and amount of chocolate to hit the spot without splurging. The bar that works for YOU! Can either be eaten as a bar for a moment of calm or as a simple yet effective concoction of dark chocolate and hot water or milk of your choice. These bars are jam packed with nutritious benefits to help you on your wellbeing and recovery way. Snap, dunk and add 60ml of hot water/milk of choice and stir.

c) 9 Training Bars

3x Booster bars: This bar can be enjoyed daily to give you the boost you need! Numerous studies have shown that cacao can boost memory cognition, the immune system and mood. Dark chocolate contains serotonin and L-Tryptophan, the neurotransmitters responsible for relaxing the brain, helping to move food through your intestines, constricting blood vessels and influencing your mood. This really is a bar to boost your mood and had a bolt of positivity to your lifestyle.

3 x Funky monkey. Post workout, your body starts to repair and regrow the muscle fibres that have been damaged during exercise. Its crucial to eat the right nutrients soon after your exercise to support your body in this process. The Funky Monkey bar is full of muscle-friendly nutrients to aid this recovery, including the right amount of carbs and protein to improve athletic performance by replenishing muscle glycogen immediately post-workout.- Brazil nuts are high in selenium, which helps reduces cellular damage, which is highly valuable in muscle recovery.- Omega 3 fatty acids found in linseeds have been found to increase the rate of muscle synthesis in people of all ages as well as reducing inflammation that can occur with excessive exercise. - The dried banana helps your body rebuild its glycogen stores, helping to rebuild damaged muscles

3 x Apple Pie. The *Apple Pie* is the perfect pre-workout bite whether you are clocking up the miles on a long run, enjoying some yoga or hitting the weights at the gym and everything else in between. Both the cinnamon and star anise help aid digestion and can provide relief for indigestion, heartburn and stomach cramps that may be experienced during workouts. Ginger is great for anti-inflammatory and may reduce muscle soreness and pain especially if you are working on tired legs. The carbohydrates in the cacao and apple will give you a burst of energy to help give you the stamina you need to start and keep going. for pre exercise.

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