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Carole Armitage Chocolates endorsed by Bill Mitchell - Best UK Male

Ultra runner and all round crackerjack of running greatness is 73 year old Bill Mitchell and currently on track for his 4th Marathon Des Sables, which is a 156 mile (251 km) race across the Sahara Desert. Already beating Sir Ranulph Fiennes record as the oldest Briton and titled “Best UK Male”, from the organisers, he spends the rest of the year completing in more marathons than you can shake a stick at.

With more than 183 marathons under his belt, Bill really knows his races and the mental toughness needed to complete and finish. His desire to push himself is such an inspiration to everyone to the new running starters, to the experienced ultras and everyone in between. Age being just a number, no one is too old to achieve anything and especially start doing exercise, actions really do speak louder than words.

With each race, Bill really learns how best to work with his body, in terms of fuelling and with the help of Carole Armitage Chocolate, makes sure there is a constant supply of premium quality hot chocolate to boost his performance and aid his training and recovery. With a hot chocolate boost it helps him prepare for the race so that his energy levels are up and motivation is high, to then take the post run exercise bar *funky monkey* which is a premium dark chocolate bar.

These bars have been tried and vigorously tested and endorsed by nutritionist Emily Wood, combining organic natural ingredients to give you the magnesium, potassium, carbs and protein that assist the recovery process and fill your body with the essential nutrients you need to work with your body. No matter what, Bill Mitchell is a man to watch and be inspired by.

Whatever your challenge is.. Get on and do it.

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