9KG Challenge: Ahhhhhhh

November 17, 2017

Some days are good, some are bad, and when they are bad, they are frustrating, depressing, demoralising and it takes every ounce of my mental acumen to soldier through. 

Today is one of those days, its cold outside, the warmth of the bed was too alluring, the alarm for 5.55am was shrieking at me and not in a pleasant "oh carole, please wake up",nooo it was saying "get up get up get up get up you lazy so and so". i flipped i flopped, i made my boyfriend wake up  as i was floundering like a whale, all because i didnt want to get up. I did in the end, my achy legs, bones and dragged my sorry arse to get into my gym kit. As I wandered around the house in a state of flux and sleep, I was wondering why the hell i was doing this and the little daemon was in my head, asking why are you going, stay in bed, sleep, relax... No! What i have worked out is that sometimes I have this magic ability to blindside myself, tunnel vision my focus so that i can just head to the gym and forget all the nasty thoughts, but lets face that is few and far between and today i was losing the battle, but i went nonetheless. 


Then i realised it wasnt the normal running HIIT no, silly me had booked the circuit training in altitude, because that seemed like a stirling idea! little did i know how gruelling it was going to be. I had forgotten how heavy i was, mentally i am as light as a feather (hehe oops!) and i know im not heavy heavy, but i am heavy than i want to be and boy did i have to work for it. A session that led to pink lobster face and heart rate reaching sky high did mean that i worked hard. I know, that circuit strength work is just as good as the long slow cardio burst but do they have to hurt so much sometimes? seems unfair! 


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