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9KG Challenge - The Plan

In theory its simple, create a calorie deficit and increase in energy burn, so therefore eat less, move more but saying that and doing that are two completely different things and not as simple as just pressing the GO button. With daily lives and commitments already in place, you do have to carve out some time for yourself. For me, the plan is to use the membership I have till Feb to help me. Altitude training, agreed its not for everyone, but it is a great way to get moving and increase stamina and fitness levels. Whilst i have it, i am going to use it and not waste money on other things just because...

In Addition to this, I have set out a plan of action to help me get sub 2 hours in my half marathon in Feb. The training starts properly in Dec as i have mapped out a 10 week running program to help me achieve that target, in the mean time, as i am coming out of injuries i need to build up to that and get used to running more and regularly, whether its raining or snowing or bright and sunny. I need to prepare my body to the regularity or running 4 / 5 times a week, with a longer run on a Sunday and weight training at least once a week to help build strength and tone which will fundamentally help my running and ultimately my goal.

For now, its trying to do 3 sessions at altitude centre, whether thats Cycling with the Sufferfest (not for the faint hearted - a 50 min brutal cycling hit workout interspersed with endurance and interval sections), or a back to back HIIT run sessions, which ultimately are short bursts of high level (pushing your heart rate to 85% >), really working my cardio and topping out the anaerobic system and even creeping into my creatine phosphate zone. This is great for speed work and increase fitness.

Ultimately its a slog, its hard work and at times demoralising and I feel frustrated by it all, but i will keep trying and hopefully i will move closer to my goal even if it feels like a glacial move back and forth!





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